Parental monitoring apps – How they improve your child’s safety

Does your kid spend a lot of time on the internet? If yes, you might want to keep an eye on his activities. Gen Z consists of kids and young adults who are more technologically sophisticated than their parents. They have a lot more information about the high-tech devices that come into the market each passing day. Kids, however, instead of taking advantage, use them mostly for entertainment. They spend their time watching videos on YouTube or browsing their social media profiles.

Unfortunately, there are way many online hazards that your child could encounter if they are left unsupervised. Tom Gregory, a television broadcaster, was famous for a question that he used to ask parents, and it was, “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?” Now is the time to keep an eye on the kids more than ever. There have been increasing cases of cybercrimes like cyberbullying, harassment, identity theft, and other crimes with every passing day.

Children need to explore new things for their growth and development. However, they can get in trouble if you let them use it without any guidance. Parental controls have become a need in our advanced society. There are so many of its advantages that could benefit your kids and you as well. 

Let us look at some of the parental controls that can help you improve your child’s online safety.

Set passwords on computers or smartphones

You can set passwords on your computers if you are concerned about the unnecessary usage of the internet. Putting up passwords on these devices could help you limit their excessive and ideal use of the internet.

Keeping the computer in a visible place

You can set the computer in a room where you can see what your child’s doing on the internet. You can supervise them directly if they use it in front of you.  

Updating the privacy settings

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, allow different people to view your profiles. This unnecessary access to personal details can be harmful to your kids. Setting their profile privacy can help them have a safer online experience.

Checking their internet browsing

You can review their internet search to ensure that they are not surfing any age-inappropriate websites or content.

Using Parental monitoring apps

One of the most reliable ways to track your kids’ activities and ensure their safety is to use parental monitoring apps. Many apps in the market offer the most advanced services to protect your child from online dangers. Let us take at the best kid monitoring app on the block.

XNSPY is the most reliable parental monitoring app that can help parents make sure their children are safe. It allows you to protect them in both real and virtual worlds. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to install and use. XNSPY offers a set of features that can let you keep track of your kids’ activities, both online and offline. You can track their GPS location, monitor their internet usage, and even read all of their exchanged text messages. All these features make it the best kid monitoring app there is in the market. XNSPY helps you provide a safer online experience to your kids. Using this app, you can improve their online safety while giving them the freedom to explore.

With all the features that it provides, XNSPY is relatively affordable than many other apps in the market as well. Its compatibility with both Android and iOS adds to its praise.


The advanced set of features that XNSPY offers allows concerned parents to ensure their kids’ safety. For example, you keep an eye on all of the calls or messages they receive without any physical access. Here are so of the features that can help you improve your child’s online safety.

Tracking of social media apps

XNSPY lets you monitor all the social media apps and other instant messaging apps. You can track all of their activities and check all the messages they receive or send. It gives you access to the exchanged multimedia files as well. The apps that XNSPY support are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, Viber, Kik, and many others.  

Remote Control features

The remote control features make Xnspy the best kid monitoring app. It is one of the most useful features for parents while monitoring their kids’ smartphones. It allows you to control their phone without any physical access. You can set their screen-time, download any multimedia file, take screenshots, and turn the phone off or on remotely. Additionally, if the phone gets lost or stolen, you can delete all of the private data from it, as well.

Monitor Online Activities

You track their online activities through XNPSY. It allows you to check their web history, bookmarked pages, and most frequently used websites as well. You can make sure that your child is spending his time productively on their phone.

Phone management

XNSPY allows you to manage the installed apps on your kids’ phones. Suppose you do not want your kids to use a specific application. XNSPY will let you delete and block it. You can view any app and even check the most frequently used apps on the phone remotely.

Check Photos/Videos

XNSPY allows you to track all of the saved pictures and videos on the targeted phone. You can listen to the audio files as well. These features also let you download any files you want to your smartphone or computer.

Track GPS Location

If you want to track your kids’ real-time location, XNSPY is the best app for you. You can check the exact GPS location of the targeted phone and view the location history as well. XNSPY allows you to ensure your kids’ safety in the real world as well. A sub-feature offered by the app lets you mark any place and sends you notification alerts if your kid leaves or goes near that specific area.

Monitor Phone calls

XNSPY allows you to monitor all of the calls your kids make or receive. You can track the time and date of each one of them, as well. The advanced features allow you to check the call duration of a particular call also.

Wi-Fi logger

XNSPY lets you check the Wi-Fi connection history. You can keep track of all the secured and unsecured connections to keep your child’s data safe.

Key logger

Another feature that helps the parents to keep track of their kids’ activities is the key-logging feature. It allows you to track all the keystrokes your kid makes on their phone.

Your child’s consent in all of this is necessary to avoid them conspiring or retaliating. That is why it’s necessary to continue educating them on the risk of unsafe browsing and communicating with anonymous people online.

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