Helpful Tips for Collecting Bobbleheads

Collecting nodders, or as others call them bobbers, is a massive business, and the prices can go up as high as a branded pair of sneakers, with several factors considered to come up with such a price. And for someone who is an avid collector, they wouldn’t mind paying this much. If you plan to join the club, you’ll have to learn a few important things before collecting bobbers.

Collector’s guide

Toy manufacturers create bobbleheads for several reasons, but usually, they design the item to commemorate a known mascot, milestone, or person. While it may not be simple to identify which one will turn out to be the most-priced toy, you can assume the most loved figurines end up the most valuable. This is true, especially when it indicates a milestone, such as aperson’s first nodder as a pro or making it to the Hall of Fame list. Also, some have autographs on the toy itself or perhaps contain a jersey piece or infield dirt.

New versions of bobbleheads almost have no problems. However, it won’t hurt to scrutinise the toy or look into the product’s description for possible damage. As for the older nodders, they will need a thorough inspection. Because these items can be somewhere from three to six decades ago, it is highly unlikely they will be in excellent condition. Keep in mind that you have to know any existing defects before paying for it.

Aside from athletes, other subjects can have nodders too. In fact, other toy shops offer custom-made figurines. These are terrific gifts for people who are into the toy collecting hobby.

Familiar terms

It is advisable to learn basic terminologies as a collector, especially if you’re planning to browse and buy at online shops. Below are some of the common terms you will encounter while collecting:

1. Retail

Retail means that it is only available in a brick-and-mortar shop or at a designated online website. The brand and theme specify the collection of the bobbers. They are the easiest to be found, but the limited edition piece runs typically out very fast.

2. SGA

SGA indicates that the bobbleheads are stadium giveaway. This depends on the team if they want to offer it to everyone in attendance or only to a few guests. In other places, these giveaways can reach up to 20,000 pieces and are free to those who bought tickets to a particular game. The free ones are typically sponsored, and so you’d find the brand’s logo printed on the toy.

3. NIB

This is pretty much straightforward–new in a box. The nodder looks like the one that hasn’t been bought from the retailer’s shop. This comes with all the paperwork and packaging. Most collectors are eyeing this condition because they are also collecting its box.

4. STH

Season ticket holders mean that the figurines are in limited pieces only. Since these are only available to selected fans who love the team so much and bought tickets for all the home games in a year, the figures are known to be limited editions. Hence, they are the hardest to look for.

Collecting these items is always a mystery to ordinary individuals who look at it as toy figurines. But for avid collectors, they hold similar value as the most expensive jewellery in a woman’s collection. If you are starting to be part of this group, remember the pointers and have fun tracking down the rarest of them all.

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