Are Pet Screens Really Worth It?

You’ve no doubt heard about them by now, a specially created type of window screen made to withstand the excitable claws of our beloved pets. And if you already own a pet or have owned a pet in your life, you’ve no doubt already experienced the sometimes over-enthusiastic reactions to visitors, the mailman, or simply during a rambunctious phase that can bring destruction to your window screens.

If you’ve ever had to replace a front door screen during puppy training, or a window screen after your cat attempts to catch that pesky squirrel, you might be considering a better replacement. Let’s break down everything you need to know about pet screens, and why it truly is worth investing in a durable window screen made especially for our beloved furry friends. 

What is a Pet Screen?

Pet screens are a specially made window screen that is exceptionally tough to withstand the special wear and tear that happens to screens with pets in our lives. While the purpose of any screening is to keep the bugs out, happy pups do tend to jump and feisty kittens enjoy climbing and occasionally that can happen on your window screens. 

To protect your screens, whether the screen is on a front or back door, window, pool, or patio, specially made materials are used to make pet screens stronger than the usual screen. Pet screens are made of PVC-coated polyester yarn that can handle up to 400lbs of breaking strength per square inch, making it an extremely durable screen. 

Vinyl-coated polyester mesh starts as polyester yarn as the core which is then extruded with vinyl (PVC). Every single strand of yarn is individually extruded and bonded to the polyester core yarn, and the coating ensures that the polyester fiber can never be reached by moisture as well as preventing wear and tear from freezing or thawing in cold weather. 

The strength and dimensional stability of vinyl-coated polyester is determined by the original thickness of the polyester yarn. For pet screens, the polyester yarn is, of course, thicker than any regular yarns found in other screen materials. 

What Kinds of Pet Screens are Available?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few pet screen sizes, rolls, and even colors available to choose from. You may even want to choose new pet screen frames to update the overall outdoor décor style of your home to give it a fresh new appeal. 

These can be customized to fit the width in inches along with the height, and even frame sizes can be factored into choosing what pet screen is best for you. If you need hardware, it’s available as well such as leaf springs or, pull tabs. Quality Window Screen has everything you’ll need for screening. 

If you’re a contractor or handy do-it-yourselfer, there’s even the option to purchase pet screen fabric in a single roll or per linear foot at affordable prices. 

Should I Invest in Pet Screens?

Our pets, no matter how well behaved, all have their moments from time to time and can wreak havoc on our homes especially our screens. Not only are pet screens worth the investment, but they’re also worth the health and safety of our pets. A screen that can withstand your playful pet is a screen that will not need to be replaced every year if chewed through, jumped on, or scratched as well as give you peace of mind that your beloved furry family member will remain safely behind the screen too! 

Pet screens keep your pets safeguarded, can work extremely well even resisting rambunctious toddlers and kids, can help improve your home’s outdoor décor, keep insects out, cool down a room, and all while saving you costs of cooling and multiple replacements. Considering how easy they are to install, pet screens truly are worth it!


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