How To Choose The Right Residential Painter Brisbane Services

Does your house require a painting project? Some homeowners opt for applying a fresh coat of paint to hide the imperfections and deterioration of their walls, while others are simply tired of looking at the same color for years.  

Regardless of the reason, painting projects are best to be outsourced to professional painters. As much as the idea of starting a DIY project seems appealing, you’ll most likely change your mind after going up and down the ladder multiple times. Nowadays, the choice of residential painting contractors is quite extensive, which makes the decision even more difficult. 

Nevertheless, these tips will undoubtedly help you hire the best painter in Brisbane. 

Consider your requirements

In order for a residential painter to meet your project requirements, you need to consider your specific needs in detail. The first thing to decide is whether you’ll be hiring an interior or an exterior painter, as not all painting contractors specialize in both fields. Some of them are experts in interior projects, while other are proficient at painting the exterior of their homes.

Make sure you conduct a house inspection to locate potential structural concerns that might impede the painting project. Most homeowners cope with structural issues in the form of rotten siding and excessive moisture, both of which prevent paint from adhering to the surface properly. It’s vital to take care of these issues prior to the arrival of a painter in your home in order to avoid delays. Visit the following link,, to check out the ways in which moisture becomes a cause of exterior paint failure. 

Check credentials

When looking for candidates, you’re supposed to consider the ones with the necessary credentials. For instance, painters in Australia are required to complete a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating in order to be considered qualified for the job. In terms of licensing, these professionals aren’t obliged to acquire a separate painting license, but a building work contractor’s license, issued by the Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

Licensing isn’t the only important factor to verify when checking credentials. All painting contractors should have liability insurance, which exempts homeowners from covering property damage caused by workers’ negligence. When hiring a contractor who dispatches a team of painters to your home, it’s crucial for all workers to be equipped with workers’ compensation insurance. Remember to ask for a copy of these documents when meeting the candidates for an initial consultation.

Conduct in-depth research

After eliminating the candidates that lack proper credentials, you’ll have to conduct in-depth research on the other candidates left on your list. Commence your research by reviewing the official website of each painter, which is supposed to be well-equipped with useful information about their experience and types of servicesthat they offer. Also, some contractors include before and after pictures of painting projects they’ve handled in the past to help you get a general idea of their quality and expertise. 

Moreover, look for blog posts that painters create for potential clients to find handy when maintaining the interior and exterior paint of their homes. Also, social media sites are another beneficial resource for learning about the credibility of the residential painters in your area. If their social media pages are updated on a daily basis with helpful DIY project tips, then the contractors are genuinely interested in helping their existing and potential clients. 

Receive a couple of estimates

Once the list of candidates is reduced to several painting contractors, it’s time to get a detailed estimate from each painter. Make sure you schedule face-to-face appointments in your home so as to form a general opinion of these professionals and receive quotes after careful inspection of your house’s exterior. 

Keep in mind that a detailed estimate includes all the crucial details regarding the project’s timeframe, cost, supplies, materials, travel costs, etc. Apart from the direct costs, homeowners should ask painters to include the indirect costs in the quote as well. These expenses refer to the wages of the support workers, as well as the additional costs that might arise unexpectedly during the project.

Sign a contract

Given the unreliable nature of oral agreements, painters are supposed to provide homeowners with a contract that includes all of the arranged details. These documents should state the basic information of the contractors, such as name, office address, phone number, and their license number. It should also include a summary of the estimate, denoting the services included in the project.

Additionally, reliable residential painters ensure homeowners receive a labor warranty, thus repairing any blistering, fading, or peeling that takes place in a given timeframe. Make sure you learn more about the services and warranties provided by professional painters in Brisbane. Besides offering a labor guarantee, most painting manufactures provide a long-term warranty on their materials. 

Make the necessary preparations

Once you make your choice of a residential painter, you need to prepare your home for the upcoming painting project. In the case of interior projects, start by moving the furniture either to another empty room or to the centre of the room. Also, make sure all pictures, ornaments, and clocks are taken down from the walls. When having the exterior of your home painted, don’t forget to cover all the plants and trees around the house. 

Moreover, outlet covers should also be removed from the rooms in order not to get stained. Given their plastic material, you probably won’t be able to clean them properly after the job gets done. You’re also recommended to clean the walls, as both interior and exterior surfaces are prone to getting dirty and stained. 

Ultimately, your pets aren’t exactly welcome in the house in the course of the painting project. As much as you enjoy their presence, they’re likely to cause accidents. Your furry companion might rub itself against the walls by habit without noticing the layer of fresh paint. 

Bottom line

Painting contractors use high-quality materials, employ impeccable techniques, and provide a guarantee.

You won’t regret hiring one!

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    It sure was nice that you suggested checking social media sites to find out the credibility of the painters in your area. This is something that I will do to find a reliable contractor. To give our house a new look, I have decided to have the walls repainted with bright colors. What I want is to have peace of mind that the job is going to be done properly. Thanks!

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