Unique Ways To Use Plants As Decor

The standard pot plant is a timeless fixture in interior design. It is, however, not the only way you can bring the tranquillity of nature’s most excellent into your home. A quick look at OutDoorArtPros.com will give you an idea of some of the exciting approaches you might take to what one could refer to as indoor gardening.

It is the best way to bring some green into your life, particularly if like many of us you do not enjoy the benefit of a garden area. It doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking, and you can implement the idea to any degree with which you are comfortable. From decorative to practical, we have compiled this list of unique ways to decorate your home with plants.

Hat Stand Hanging Garden

A vintage hat stand on its own is a magnificent decor addition. Combined with hanging plant fixtures, you can create an extraordinary and unique mini hanging garden. The clear choice of ferns may look nice, but we recommend cacti and succulents. These complement the vintage look and don’t overwhelm the piece as a whole.

Bowler Hat Pot Plant

Another great idea with a vintage twist, an old bowler hat can be made into a beautiful bespoke pot plant. Seal the inside with silicon (don’t worry, silicon is chemically neutral and won’t harm your plants) and you are pretty much set to go. Again we suggest selecting a plant that doesn’t overwhelm the hat motif.

Indoor Creeps

We tend to think of creeping plants such as ivy as an outside thing, but many species thrive in lower light conditions. These plants do all tend to grow up and towards the light through, making them the ideal decor accent for window frames and security bars. We do recommend a frequent trimming, once a creeper gets out of hand it can be a problematic business cutting it down to size.

Suspended Glass Bulb Nursery

There is no more elegant way to showcase your mini nursery than by growing it in a selection of suspended glass ‘bulbs’. There are tons of options available online, and it makes for the perfect solution to keeping plants in a small or restrictive space. Depending on the plants you plan on using you can even merge this with pendulum light fittings to create something truly magical.

Window Pane Herb Garden

There are a lot of options for mini herb gardens, and we do mean a lot, but for this project, we think it is best to take a DIY approach. Purely for the joy of making something genuinely personal in which to grow your herbs. The entire experience culminates in something deeply cathartic, and there is nothing like cooking a special meal infused with your produce.

Garden Top Dresser Stand

Another example of something we think is best done as a DIY project; the idea is to get a dresser stand, preferably one with a basic, rectangular top. You then construct a very basic frame with a skirting deep enough to hold the soil you will need. Insulate the inside of your ‘garden top’ and run a few plastic tubes through for drainage. Place it on the dresser, painted or varnished to create a seamless effect.

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