So Sand

The day before getting this, we had actually spotted it in a advert and thought it looked quite cool. Izebella is already quite familiar with craft sand kits and was quite intrigued by this one and how colourful it looked.

So sand are a range of kits for kids which come from the same people responsible for the So slime sets. So sand is a little less messy than slime but just as much fun.

Now this is how the adverts and the stock images make it look.

However unfortunately for us it didn’t turn out quite that fabulous and no where near as tidy. You get everything that the image above shows, which includes bags of plain sticky sand, dyes, glitter, a plastic cutter, and various ball moulds. The sand comes as plain sand so we have to dye it before we can use it. This involves spreading out the sand ball, adding dye and rolling it until it absorbs all the colour, watch your carpets tho as it tends to dye those temporarily too. Once the sand is dyed and had glitter bits thrown onto it, then we could place it in the moulds and cut it into slices like a cake etc. However this is what ours looked like compared to the picture above.

Yes quite a big difference. Although it’s still fun of course.

The idea is to mould the sand into a mound and slice using the plastic slicer into all sorts of colourful shapes. The main problem doing this I found is that there just isn’t enough rsupplied sand for the large plate. The sand is the magic type stuff that can be pulled apart, moulded and then sticks back together. It does feel good when squishing and moulding it which is I guess is why this kit is called “So Satisfying”.

Overall Izebella has really enjoyed playing with this sand kit.

Buy from Argos for just Β£13.00

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