What kind of damages can you expect from a wrongful death lawsuit?

Losing someone you love is a difficult situation to deal with. But when you realise that their death was due to the negligence of someone else and could have been avoided? It raises even more painful questions and problems for those left behind. While you’re already amidst great despair, hiring an experienced attorney can be your best bet. Wondering how a professional will help you? Well, ensure reading through valuable resources as you’ll be able to find all the information here and make a sound decision. 

In most cases, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed to compensate for the losses that the family left behind now face. Click here to speak to a wrongful death case lawyer. So, what kind of damages can you expect from a wrongful death lawsuit? Read on to find out.

Funeral expenses

The cost of funerals isn’t something most of us think about. Until we’re faced with a huge bill and no way to fund the send-off that your loved one wanted and deserved. It’s incredibly distressing and it’s a circumstance that you shouldn’t have to fund. Therefore funeral expenses are usually compensated for during wrongful death lawsuits.

Medical bills

Before your loved one died, they may have undergone treatment, surgery or emergency treatments to try and sustain their life. Sadly, if they pass away then the loved ones are often left to foot the bill. Hardly fair considering the death was due to someone else’s negligence. 

Loss of future inheritance

Loss of future inheritance can be a complicated calculation, however, it’s a common damage that can be filed for. If your loved one has an estate that was due to be passed on to descendants at the time of their “natural” death, then the potential additions that the deceased would have made to their inheritance will be calculated and compensated for. 

Pain and suffering of the deceased

If your loved one suffered greatly from their injuries before they passed from a traumatic injury, or they were the subject of abuse/neglect in a nursing home for example, then you may be able to claim these damages from the other side. No one likes to think of their loved one suffering before they passed away. This is where elderly abuse, or fatal injury lawyers in Houston can provide their expertise to fight for justice on behalf of the situation that occurred, leading to the death of someone close to you.

Pain and suffering of the family/survivors

No one should have to suffer the loss of a loved one before their time. Which makes the pain and suffering of the family left behind a significant damage that your family may be able to seek compensation for.

Loss of a parent

If the deceased had dependents and minors in their life, then their loss will be compensated for. They’ll have to be brought up by other relatives, potentially move to a different house, different school – their lives will be turned upside down. Not forgetting the emotional impact of losing a parent.

In conclusion

If you and your family have suffered a loss and your loved one wasn’t at fault, then reach out to a wrongful death lawyer today.

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