What Would It Take For You, To Slow Down?

Now that we’re all stuck indoors, it gives us time to reflect on ourselves. Are you happy? Are you enjoying your life? What’s missing from it? For many people, these questions haven’t even popped into their minds for years. That’s what’s wrong with modern society, we live so fast and hard, we rarely stop to think of our own well-being. Now that you have plenty of time on your hands, do you care to explore yourself? Firstly, you need to learn how to slow down. You can’t stand back and take a look at your life if it’s all a blur. 

Sitting quietly

This is going to sound a little strange but stick with this line of thought. Getting up at the same time you normally would is healthy for your mind. We’re effectively in the middle of a mass self-home arrest. But stick to your routine for the sake of your mental health. But, when you do get up. Instead of going to work, go to a nice empty space and just sit quietly. Sit on the floor, on the sofa or at the dining table, it doesn’t matter. Close your eyes and focus on your heartbeat. You won’t see the benefit of this until you’ve been sitting quietly for 15-20 minutes. Hopefully, by now, your mind will have slowed. Not having any complex thoughts is a good thing every once in a while. It gives your mind a rest and your stress levels decrease.

Creativity and expression

When was the last time you drew a picture? No, seriously, do you remember? As simplistic as it might seem, drawing is a great window of expression. Creativity purely for the benefit of your expression must re-enter your life. We used to draw a lot when we were children and at times we were at our happiest. But when you’re little and don’t know the world, you make your own up in your mind. As adults, we can find it more difficult to use our creative gene. Luckily, this cbd guide shows what kind of products will unlock your creative mind. Not only does this type of oil lower your stress and depression, but it allows you to mentally slow down and squeeze out of your mental box. Buy a pack of drawing pencils, a drawing book and take a few drops of the oil in a cup of coffee. Now it’s time to get lost in a world of pure imagination!

Stretching on another level

Our bodies are compressed tightly-wound groups of muscles, nerves, veins and fluids. And yet our complex anatomy can be healed and calmed with simple stretches. Stretching increases blood flow, reintroduces proper blood flow to areas that are stiff and sensitive. However, with the extra time we all have, let’s take stretching to another level. Full-body stretching routines target every part of the body, releasing tension and relieving you of pain. It’s a lot like yoga but doesn’t require you to have a cat-like balance.

The value of having your life slowed down, is immeasurable. Take the time to look inward, ask yourself key questions, create drawings of the soul and stretch your weary limbs.

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