Top Tips To Tell If Your Infant Is Unwell

There’s nothing scarier than waking up and sensing that your newborn is unwell. They’re so small and cannot communicate what they are feeling and this only stresses out new parentseven more! But don’t worry. There are ways to check and see if your baby isn’t feeling well and whether you should take them to get checked up. Keep reading to find out how to tell if your baby is sick.

The Basics

Before we dive deeper into sure signs that your infant is under the weather, please note there are a couple of basic signals that you should be wary of.

The first is a fever. As with adults, babies can develop fever when their bodies are trying to fight off an infection. If you detect your baby heating up, you know something is wrong.

The second sign is if your baby starts to exhibit an obvious change in behavior. If your infant starts sleeping more or starts being more fussy in general, you know that something is up.

Remember that a fever is usually the only and first sign that your baby has an infection. If your baby is less than 3 months old, a fever can prove to be quite dangerous so make sure you can get to a doctor right away. 

When Should You See The Doctor?

Here are some signs that are serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room:

•High fever

•Unstoppable crying

•Laziness, lethargy or limpness

•Any convulsions/seizure activity

● Swelling on the top of the head

•Aches and pains

● Discolored patches/purple bruises on the skin

•Pale coloring

•Flushed/red skin

● Trouble with breastfeeding

● Breathing issues and wheezing

● Trouble swallowing easily

● Constant vomiting or green vomit

If you notice one or more of these signs, you should take your baby for a check up right away!

Behavioral Changes

As we discussed earlier, one of the earliest symptoms of baby sickness is behaviour changes. Your infant may weep more or loudly, and not seem to stop. Generally speaking, some behavioral changes are normal in day to day life. When your baby suddenly becomes increasingly tired or fussy however, it might be time to see a doctor.

A baby who is very distressed and agitated, with long periods of crying, may be ill or in pain. The baby may also be very jittery or start to tremble. Fussiness can be a warning that your baby has gas, stomach pain, ear pain, or a viral or bacterial infection. The source of your child’s agitation might just be gas, but it may be something more serious.

Also watch out if your baby starts to become sleepy all of a sudden. Sleepy or listless babies have little to no strength at all. They sleep longer than usual, and it may be difficult to wake up for feeding. Once they are awake, they are tired or sluggish, they are not alert and do not pay attention to visual stimuli or sound. Decreased energy may evolve gradually over time, and parents can find it difficult to notice. So keep your eyes peeled for this sort of behavioral change as well.

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