How to Use Light to Make Your Home Cozier for the Whole Family

Lighting is something we often take for granted. Just flip a switch, and it’s there. They are a basic feature in most homes, yet they have a powerful impact on how functional a space is for its occupants. Connect Electric wants to help families find more ways to make their homes comfortable with beautiful light!

Let Natural Light In

Never underestimate the importance of natural light. Open curtains or blinds on windows that face the sun to illuminate a room without increasing your electric bill. This is especially helpful on cooler days when sunlight can help warm the inside of your home while it brightens.

You can also do the opposite on hot days to keep a room cool and inviting. Close the curtains or lower the blinds to create a refreshing escape from the summer heat. It’s a good way to cool the kids down after an afternoon of playing outside.

Brighten the Kitchen

The kitchen is a workspace, and it needs adequate lighting to be useful. There are many options available when installing kitchen light fixtures. Recessed lighting works well with modern décor and can be positioned over countertops and sinks. You can also hang pendant lights over tables or counters.

Incandescent lights are warmer and consume more energy to usethan other types. It’s often best to use light with a cooler tone in the kitchen. Fluorescent lights work well. If you want to improve energy efficiency, consider switching to LED bulbs. 

Dimmers for Quiet Places

Dimmers work well in quiet places where your family likes to relax, like the den or living room. Dimmer switches give you more control over the level of lighting, which is great for homes with multiple people. Each person can customize the way the room looks and feels when they are in it.

Just remember that not all light bulbs work well with dimmer switches. For example, basic LED bulbs won’t always work correctly with a standard dimmer switch. If you plan to save energy with an LED, make sure you install an LED-friendly dimmer. Also, make sure you buy bulbs that are dimmer compatible. If you are unsure on how to correctly install lighting or switches then it’s always best to call for a professional electrician to do the job for you.

Homework Lighting

The kids should have a place to go to do their homework. This should be an area that encourages focus and allows them to complete tasks comfortably. One of the most important components needed is lighting.

If your children work at a table or desk, make sure it is bright enough to easily read text. If the space is dark but you don’t want to install more fixtures, try a desk lamp. You can set it up during homework sessions then put it away when they are done. This is also a good way to remind kids that it is time to work. When the light is put away, then they can play.

Soothing Nightlights

Nightlights can soothe childhood fears. However, they also make your home feel safer and more secure after dark. Along with the kid’s bedrooms, consider also plugging nightlights in next to or inside the bathroom and hallways that are likely to be used at night.

Not only are they comforting, but nightlights also prevent family members from accidentally bumping into furniture or walls.

Inspect your home to look for more ways that you can use light to make it cozier for your family.

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