Have I found the right freestanding tub

It can be challenging to find the most suitablefreestanding tub for your bathroom. It is since the market offers a wide array of materials, designs, and colours that you can choose from. To cut the chase, you have to learn the characteristics of an excellent freestanding tub and the things to consider when choosing one. Don’t worry. I will show you how I found the right one for my bathroom in this short read to make searching easier for you.

Understand the right tub size

The first thing that I did to find the right freestanding tub for my bathroom is to learn the advantage and disadvantages of different tub sizes. Knowing how spacious your bathroom is will allow you to choose the tub that won’t make the entire room look crowded.

Generally, freestanding baths take more space than other types of bathtubs. However, it won’t make the room small due to its design. Meanwhile, there is a general rule to plan to have at least four inches space in between your bathtub and bathroom wall of all sides. Aside from that, the last thing you want to happen is to buy a tub that won’t even get through the bathroom door. So, make sure to measure the doorways, stairwells, hallways, and other passages where the tub needs to pass through before it makes it inside your bathroom.

Choose a tub style

Tub style is another thing that you should consider when choosing a freestanding bathtub. If you are not sure which style to select, focus on the purpose you have for the tub to make the right decision or read the blog to know more. Some of the freestanding tub styles that I had encountered before Igot mine are single slipper, single-ended, double slipper, double-ended, claw foot, Japanese soaking, and pedestal or skirted tubs.

Select bathtub material

The material of the bathtub is among the essential things that you should consider when buying a freestanding tub.It will determine how long you can utilise the said bathroom accessory and other advantages you can get from it.

Based on my experience, acrylic tubs are the most popular option. They are also lightweight and are easy to install compared to bulkier bathtubs like cast iron and ceramic.

Learn different faucet types

The faucet you should choose depends on the material of the freestanding tub you wish to install. If you have a solid surface tub, you won’t be able to install deck mounted faucet on them since you can’t make holes on this kind of tub material. Among the types of faucet, you can choose from are rolled rim, tap deck without drillings, tap deck with 7-inch rim holes and inner-wall tub drillings. 

Accessories and customisation

If you want to have freedom in customizing your tub, there are freestanding tub accessories that you can choose from. If you wish to give your bathtub more function or character, customizing is your best option.

Make sure to keep an eye on these things to find the right freestanding tub for your home. May your heart lead you to the right tub that you and your family can enjoy.

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