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With all the chaos going on in the world right now, with the current corona virus situation, it’s probably not the best time to be feeling alone. Everyone needs someone to lean on in these tough times, even if that means the person isn’t physically there but someone you can speak to online.

However this situation hopefully won’t last forever. If you’re single, fed up and feeling the strain then now is a good time to get online and into the world or online dating and in particular dating people from your local area. Okay I know what you’re thinking – we have to socially distance ourselves from other people etc, which yes we have to do this to protect the virus spreading. However there is nothing wrong with meeting new people online for now, getting to know them and then once all this is over, arranging to meet up. Remember the bars and restaurants won’t be closed forever.

I live in Bolton myself which falls under Manchester when it comes to local dating. It’s actually greater Manchester to be precise but same thing really. So there is a great dating site called Love Manchester Singles. This website is all about creating meaningful relationships in Manchester.

It’s an easy enough site to use. You do need to add a few details and create an account, mainly email, gender, date of birth and what your looking for. A photo obviously helps too. Once signed up it’s easy to look and browse through other profiles and get chatting to suitable people.

I think a local Manchester dating site such as this may just be the thing that single people need right now. To relieve the boredom and give them something to look forward too once the current situation has passed. The bars, cinemas and other places may not be open right now but it won’t be like this forever.

If you’re not in Manchester and wanting to date singles in other areas then there see plenty of options for you too. For instance, those in Cambridge interested in Cambridge dating have a similar local dating site being Love Cambridgeshire Singles.

We are all going through this tough time together, so why not hop onto one of the dating sites above or a similar in your area and find that special person to help take your mind off it. Who knows where it will lead, be it a new friend or a lifelong partner, even your future husband or wife.

Remember when dating to always stay safe, let someone know where you are going and who with and if you don’t feel safe at any point then don’t be afraid to end the date and leave. Dating and meeting new people should always be fun. The majority of people wanting to date are friendly and not all weirdos or psychopaths with ulterior motives. I use dating sites regularly myself and have met some lovely guys through them. Although I’m still searching for the one.

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