The benefits of local dating

I often write about various aspects of dating, be it for the old or the young and varying interests. This time it’s all about what’s already around you, or more to the point, dating people that are local to you rather than miles away.

You see long distance relationships can feel great at first, but many just don’t last. This is obviously down to distance and lack of physical contact. No one really wants a real relationship that consists of mainly txts or the odd phone call. When it comes to distance, I’d personally avoid dating anyone who lives more than 20 miles from me.

Distance becomes more difficult when either one of both of you don’t drive. It then means that one person in the relationship ends up giving lifts or relying on public transport which also has its down sides.

And then comes the decision. If a long distance relationship gets serious then one person will eventually have to decide to move for the relationship to carry on.

Because of all these problems, I tend to avoid long distance relationships and choose to date people who are more local to me, tho obviously not right on my doorstep as I wouldn’t want them too close.

These day’s the world is our oyster when it comes to online dating. There are dating sites to suit every taste and even local dating sites for specific areas such as Love London Singles if you live in London and even Buckinghamshire dating sites too – Love Buckingham Singles. Both of these sites allow users in those specific areas do find dates and maybe even love in their local areas. Meaning they don’t have to travel far to have fun.

Obviously self care should be taken when meeting local singles from local dating sites, just as it would any other time. For instance, always meet up in a public place, never go to a strangers home, do a bit of research before going, tell a friend where you’re going and who with and if the date doesn’t feel right or you feel afraid then ask for help or leave.

A good first date and safe place to meet is probably a restaurant of some sort. This way you are able to talk and get to know each other without too much noise and in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also a public place surrounded by others and there’s no pressure to go anywhere else once the meal is over with.

Dating should be fun and stress free. Removing the stress of travelling a long distance to see someone certainly makes it a much better experience as you don’t need to worry about travelling home or catching the last bus etc. So whether you live in the capital and want a London dating site or a dating site in another part of the country then there are literally hundreds of them online and many people wanting local dates who you may just click with.

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