Childhood Memories: Six Memories Your Children Will Want From You

Children are fairly simple creatures. Give them somewhere warm to sleep, a full, warm tummy and your time, and they’re happy. If you think back to your own childhood, you can concur that the happiest times were with that one on one attention and love from your parents. Children are not complicated because if you meet their most basic needs, they will be happier, healthier humans. 

Do you remember your first memory from childhood? Probably not, but we are willing to bet that you have a handful of scattered memories from your childhood that are going to make you smile. It doesn’t have to be much; the family singing a song on the way to your vacation, baking cookies with your Mom on a Sunday, watching your parents organize one of the many kid’s parties that you were privileged enough to have. The memories that we have from our own childhoods help to shape our adulthood, and when you become the parent, it’s you who will be scrambling to give your kids one of the best kid’s parties on the block. All parents give their children good memories, and here are six that your children will want from you.

Photo of Girl Having Fun in Birthday Party

  1. Do you ever remember your parents cranking up the music and swinging you madly around? This is a dance party and you need to start them with your children. Put on some insane music and dance like nobody’s watching, and make sure your kids are doing it with you. They’ll forever remember the moments where you were silly with them more than any other memory,

  2. Take your kids on dates. One to one time is so precious, and when your partner takes your daughter on a date, or you take your son on a date (give him the money so he can pay!) you’re helping to teach them what they should expect in the future. It’s a sweet moment they won’t forget.

  3. When we feel like awful, lazy parents and we give our kids sandwiches and ice cream for dinner, it’s accompanied by a sprinkle of Mom guilt. And yet it’s these random dinners that your children will love above everything else. They’ll always tell you about the time you gave them TV and ice cream for dinner, and while you’ll remember feeling so fraught and guilty, they will have loved it.

  4. Snuggle down with the kids and flip through the photo albums. Tell them the stories behind their own pictures and show them pictures of you when you were growing up. Children love to learn about their parents and the moments that they sit with you and just chill out are as much for you as they are for them. Dig in and let your children love you!

  5. Cook together. Just get messy and teach them how to make cakes, cook dinner, and boil an egg. Children will love those precious memories and will remember these moments forever.

  6. Just give them your time. Take a minute every day for your kids one by one to ask them what they’re feeling. They won’t ever forget a parent who tried to get to know their feelings better.

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