Advice for Actors Starting Out

Acting is a profession that is often viewed in a negative light. Prospective actors are often told that they’ll never make it and that they’ll never be able to make a true career out of the profession. As a result, many people are discouraged and never even attempt to follow their dream of becoming an actor. Despite all the negativity, there are ways that you can become a successful actor. It isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to boost your chances and become the best actor you can. Here’s some advice for actors that are just starting out.

Rehearse Your Skills

When trying to be good at anything, practice is always a great place to start. The saying “practice makes perfect” rings true in most professions, but it is especially true when it comes to acting. Constantly rehearsing your skills can allow you to improve as an actor, thus allowing you to get better roles and be more successful. One of the best ways to rehearse your skills is to take an acting class. These are classes taught by experienced and talented actors, people who can teach you a great deal about being a successful actor. Regardless of how you choose to practice, rehearsing is an important part of being a successful actor, and thus you should rehearse often.

Try the Local Scene

When just starting out as an actor, you shouldn’t swing for the fences right away. This means that you shouldn’t move to Hollywood right away in the hopes of starring in a movie. First, you should enter in a few plays around your local area. Not only will this give you valuable experience and help you improve as an actor, but it will also boost your resume and help you get better gigs in the future. Finding a play shouldn’t be too hard, as nearly all local communities have some sort of theater community. Joining these plays and testing your skills is great advice for new actors. 


An important part of being a successful actor is who you know and how you connect with them. Knowing the right people in the entertainment industry can be a huge boost to your career. That’s why it is extremely important to connect with actors, directors, and producers. These people can get you auditions and put in a good word for you, allowing you to find your breakout role much easier. One way to establish strong relationships is to form bonds and personal connections with the actors and directors that you work with. These people have seen firsthand how talented you are and will be sure to put in a good word for you. 

Market Yourself

If you want to stand out from other actors, you’re going to have to learn to sell yourself to people. Thankfully today’s technology makes this easier than ever for an actor. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the perfect place for you to market yourself. Here you can post clips of your work and other content, allowing more people to see what you’re capable of. In addition, you may want to create your own website. Having your own website serves as a sort of a digital resume, as it can contain videos of past performances, professional headshots, and a biography. Lastly, you may want to consider working with a live talent agency. These people can help you find venues, negotiate contracts, and promote your brand, allowing you to market yourself much more efficiently. If you really want to make it big as an actor, then you’re going to have to sell yourself to others and market your own personal brand.

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