4 products to add to your health and beauty routine that will save you money

The best way to save money on your beauty routine is to use multi-purpose, natural products. Additionally, you can gain a very attractive discount offer by using the iHerb KSA code.
Many women end up with lots of half-empty products full of harsh chemicals on their shelves which they eventually throw away. This is wasteful and costly. One commonly used feminine hygiene product, talcum powder can cause fibroids and cancer. We should be aware of what we put on our bodies and be confident that we are treating ourselves how we deserve to be treated. This list is also great for any travelers as it will result in having to carry fewer products.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a magical natural product, with a wide array of uses.

β€’A great moisturizer for your skin and your hair.

● Protects your skin from UV rays. Although it should not replace sun cream, it protects you from around 20% of the sun’s UV rays whereas sun cream protects you from around 90% of them. However, this is enough in some countries. Many day creams contain UV protection as UV rays can age the skin, therefore it can be a great replacement for day creams

β€’ Great cooking oil which can even boost your metabolism and increase good cholesterol and improve bone health.

● It is good for your teeth and can reduce bacteria. If you check out this dentist in Kelowna now, they’ll tell you that oil pulling with coconut oil can decrease plaque build-up and may also prevent gingivitis.

● Treat wounds due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

● Natural insect repellent

● It can help fight candida infections (yeast infections).

β€’Remove stains if combined with baking powder

● Natural deodorant sweat has no smell it is only the bacteria living on your skin which is why coconut oil can help. It also works better if mixed with bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda

Baking powder or bicarbonate of soda is a fantastic thing and partners well with coconut oil

β€’ Great for teeth (even better when mixed with coconut oil)

β€’ Clean things with it such as fruit and veg, hairbrushes, grills, pots and pans, bathroom, silver and floors or carpet

β€’ Whiten your clothes

● Exfoliate your skin

● Kill garden weeds

● Hair treatment

● Cure heartburn

● Soothe insect bites

● Unblock drains

● Treat dandruff

● Ice-proof your drive

● Whiten yellow nails

● Natural facewash

β€’ Soothe a sore throat by gargling water with bicarb in it

β€’ Stop smells such as in your shoes

● Natural deodorant

● Dry shampoo

● Stop chaffing

Menstrual cup

Not exactly a beauty product but a great way to save money. Menstrual cups come at an upfront cost but can then last one or two years if you look after them. They can be a bit frightening at first and take some getting used to. However, when you do get used to them and learn how to use it properly it can be the comfiest, cheapest and most mess-free way to deal with your period. 


You can now get most of your beauty products in bar form. Shampoo, body wash, conditioner, even deodorant. Although they cost a bit more upfront, they can last such a long time that they end up saving you money in the long run. Also, great if you are trying to cut down on what you carry around. A great tip to keep them in good condition is to use beeswax paper or baking paper.

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