Spa breaks in the UK

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this could be the perfect time to take yourself away on a spa break. Spa breaks are an ideal solution to escape your hectic daily working life.

A Spa break is the perfect way to relax and unwind. With so many to choose from across the UK, it means you don’t even have to get on a plane or travel far (unless you really want to). The UK has a good assortment of destinations to choose from, all offering different things. Choose a quiet secluded hotel, hidden deep in the countryside or a vibrant new city buzzing with atmosphere if that’s your thing.

What is included in a Spa break? – If you’re considering a spa break, you may he wondering what’s included? Well this obviously varies from place to place and depending on how much your budget is, but: The majority will provide a great opportunity to treat yourself to better food. The majority will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can leave the cooking and dishes behind whilst someone else takes care of you.

It will also include a range of relaxing treatments such as a dip in a jacuzzi, indoor pool, massage, body treatments and much more. Some hotels offer salon treatments too for hair and nails and the treatments are all optional so it’s a case of choosing what you want or just spend time relaxing instead.

How to choose the right spa break for you – We all have different wants and needs so everyone will enjoy something different. There are several factors to consider when booking a spa break. These include dates, distance, group size and of course what you want to get out of it. . There are many places online to book yourself a spa break, including the Voyage Prive website who have lots of choice of UK breaks. You could also opt for a Hot tub retreat which provide ultimate relaxation. If your going as a single person to get away from it all then you will no doubt want a peaceful tranquil setting. However if travelling with your partner, friends or mother for instance then you will probably want to find somewhere that has activities which you can do together.

Spa Treatments – Again the treatments included on spa breaks can vary greatly depending on the location you choose. Many spa breaks come with deals which include all meals and a choice of so many treatments all included in the price. Other places may just include use of the pool with additional treatments being extra, so it’s important to know what’s included before committing to booking. Spa treatments can include massage, facials, use of the pool and jacuzzi. As well as manicures, pedicures, sauna, hair treatments and much more. Some spa breaks also have a range of sports activities too.

Cost – Prices obviously vary but some good deals can be found by searching on the internet. A county retreat in a big stately hall hotel will no doubt cost a bit more than a smaller city hotel and obviously most places will put their prices up around special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and over Christmas. Expect to pay anything from £30 each per night up to a few hundred or even more for a more luxurious stay.

A spa break will make most people happy, providing a perfect opportunity to escape life, even if only for a night or two. It’s a good idea to book a few spa breaks away a year to relax and unwind and forget about work and life’s daily stresses. They don’t have to cost the Earth and you don’t need to take part in any treatments or activities that you don’t feel particularly comfortable doing. Valentines day or Valentines weekend is a perfect excuse to get away on a luxury spa weekend with the love of your life and the memories beat a bunch of flowers and chocolates any day.

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