5 Ways You Can Revamp Your Interiors In 2020

The last traces of pine needles and tinsel have been hoovered up, and New Year’s Eve seems like a distant memory; 2020 has well and truly arrived!

This time of year can feel a little miserable and depressing, but actually, it can be a brilliant opportunity to give some love and attention to your interiors without spending an absolute fortune. Get your pots and paints out and spruce up your living areas. More of us than ever are picking up our paintbrushes and getting to grips with painting! These five interior design ideas are low-cost and utterly addictive:


Despite what you might think, updating your interiors doesn’t have to break the bank. Upcycling is a great way to keep costs down while also upgrading unloved possessions. It’s really about letting your creativity and imagination run wild, so if you have kids, definitely get them involved! From wine bottle chandeliers to teacup candles, this is such a fun way of bringing some character into a room. The great thing about this interior technique is that it’s so much less wasteful than buying new home accessories, and it’s so simple.

Layer up some fabrics!

This may be the cold weather talking, but sometimes interiors can feel a bit sparse and empty. A really good way to introduce a cozy feel, without cluttering, is to add some fabrics to a room. This could be as simple as a thick knit throw for the sofa. All the fabrics don’t have to be the same; in fact, the more diverse, the better. Combine satin with chunky knits to achieve a cozy and eclectic look, or even shaggy sheepskin to really ramp up the snuggliness! 

Paint the town red! (well the walls actually)

It may seem like an incredibly simple interior design tip, but it’s overlooked a lot of the time! Staying in is the new going out, so make sure the four walls around you are giving your room some atmosphere. Whether you want a calming retreat or entertaining space, be bold with colour. Bold doesn’t have to mean bright, but it definitely doesn’t mean generic beige. Paint is so cheap and readily available; it’s an excellent place to start when redesigning a space. Just make sure you step out of your comfort zone and experiment a bit. You can even try wallpapering a statement wall, or painting it a different colour!


Another inexpensive way to breathe new life into a room is to rearrange your existing furniture. By being more thoughtful with your use of space, you can really improve a room. Put radiator covers from Home Discount over the radiators to create shelving rather than squash more things into a room. Shift the sofas and armchairs about; move them from against the wall, where they are so often put. Supposedly, seating placed closer together creates a more intimate and visually interesting area. Give it a go!

Don’t ditch old furniture

While upholstering may be beyond a novice’s interior design skills, upgrading kitchen tables and chairs aren’t. If your kitchen furniture is looking a bit scratched and worn, give it a coat of high-gloss white paint. It’s a foolproof way of making a room look immediately bright and airy, and the furniture new and expensive without breaking the bank.

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