There’s Only So Much You Can Do: Helping A Friend When They’re Going Through Hell

A friend in need is a friend indeed! When we go through difficult circumstances in life, we want to do our best for others when they are struggling themselves.
When we’ve got a friend that is going through sheer hell, we must do what we can. But also, we must realize that there’s only so much we can do in our power. Styiens can help you a lot with ways to help your friends.What can we do?

Point Them In The Right Direction Of Help

We have to remember that if we’ve been through something horrible ourselves we can point them in the right direction, whether this is a professional entity or just a handful of resources.

ANA Treatment Centre are a rehab centre that can help with specific addictions relating to substances. It’s important to pinpoint what the problem is initially and then, at the very least, you can give them a handful of resources. There’s no point in pointing them towards one specific resource; it’s far better for you to provide a plethora of them so if they decide to get the help they have plenty of options.

Understanding Your Own Boundaries

While we would love to completely resolve their problems for them, it’s not that easy. We have to remember that we’ve got our own boundaries and we can’t overstep them. When we have a friend that is going through a difficult time we must remember that there’s only so much we can do, even if we want to completely solve the problem for them. We have our own boundaries and we have to remember that if we are going to help them out, there’s an invisible line that we cannot cross. 

Giving Them Emotional Support

The one thing we really can do for them to give them the emotional support that they require. When they are going through a difficult time they may feel that they are on their own but this is when we can give them the feeling that there is someone out there looking out for them. While we can’t solve their problems for them, what we can do is give them that emotional support and realize how much we care for them. Some people only need the knowledge that there’s someone out there for them to give them that emotional foundation. Others require a bit more up-close and personal support. Giving them that emotional support is something that gives them a boost when they are feeling at their lowest ebb. And if we are to be a good friend we’ve got to give them that emotional support but also realize that there can be occurrences where they need some sort of tough love. 

As a friend, rather than a family member, this is when we’ve got to realize there’s only a certain amount of support that we can give. That doesn’t mean that we should walk away, but we have to remember that when they are going through such a horrible time and they don’t feel they can turn to anyone else, we are giving them the help that we have in our power.

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