The Towel Shop – Towelling dressing gown

Right before Christmas I received a lovely gift of a dressing gown. This came from The towel shop.

These dressing gowns are made from the same material as quality towels meaning they are great for wrapping around your body straight out of the bath or shower. They come in a choice of several colours and are so warm and fluffy on. I chose a latte colour which is like a light brown shade. The gown has 2 deep pockets which are good for carrying items such as a phone or brush. It also has a tie to securely fasten it.

It feels really smooth, warm and fluffy on. It’s the perfect thing for these cold dark winter nights. These gowns cost just £18 each.

The towel shop also boasts a great selection of towels, both individual and in bales as well as bathroom mats and table cloths and many other household items.

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