4 Reasons to love Coffee

Are you the kind of person who wears a t-shirt claiming your love for a nice cup of coffee? 

‘Don’t talk to me before my first cup of the day’

‘Coffee first, then work’

Coffee lovers have it good: there is a HUUUGE variety of funky PJ’s tops praising the caffeinated drink. It’s easy to understand why. After all, coffee can be so versatile. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can still find something to satisfy your cravings by adding cinnamon or almond milk to your morning brew. Besides, it’s a healthier alternative to sugar, and you get all the tasty benefits. What’s not to love about a nice morning cup of strong coffee? 

Just in case it needed more love, here are 4 brilliant reasons why you want to switch your PG Tips cuppa for home-brewed coffee in the morning. 

It cures mild constipation

First of all, coffee can be dehydrating; therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid it if you tend to struggle with constipation. You’ve got constipation tablets for that, which can help to find relief in a matter of hours to a few days. However, if you’re only having a bad day, a good cup of coffee can help stimulate your digestive system and cause a bowel movement. And just to make things right, make sure to drink a glass of water alongside to keep your digestive tract hydrated. 

It wakes you out of your stupor

It’s no wonder coffee is the favourite brew in offices. It helps to feel more alert and boost your focus. Coffee genuinely helps you to think faster. It doesn’t exactly make you more intelligent, but it activates connections in your brain. But, according to science, you don’t even need to drink it to feel the first benefits. Indeed, the smell of a good coffee is enough to wake you up. But, here’s a catch, it’s a placebo effect. However, if you’re worried about excessive consumption, the whiff of coffee can be all you need! 

It removes dark circles under your eyes

Don’t you hate those ugly dark circles under your eyes? The solution might be obvious – sleep more – but it’s not always applicable. We’ve all got a tonne of things to do, and while spending an extra hour in bed sounds appealing, there’s no time for it. Fear not, coffee can not only wake you up, but it can also help you to freshen up your appearance. It is full of antioxidants, so it’s the best thing to use as an eye serum to restore your skin to its natural look. 

It helps you lose weight

Drinking coffee stimulates brown fat in your body, which is the fat that burns calories to create body heat. While you’re unlikely to drop a dress size just with a cup of coffee, you can encourage your body to keep up the good work with it. Admittedly, there’s a catch: It doesn’t compensate for chain coffees sugar content, and yes, that means your gingerbread and cream syrup latte with extra whipped cream isn’t going to burn enough calories. 

For anybody who can’t imagine life without caffeine, these extra tips can convince you that life isn’t worth living without. But, more importantly, it gives you something to explain to your friends next time they’ll make fun of your coffee obsession! 

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