Brain fart game

It’s not often we come across a good family game that all of us can join in with, but this one – Brain Fart is one of them. Despite the age recommendation being age 14 and over (not sure why) we are all able to easily join in, even Izebella who is just 7.

Brain fart includes 9 white cubes. Each cube has a category wrote on each of its 6 sides, meaning 54 categories in total.

You can see a few of the categories in this  photo above but remember this is just nine of them.


The best part of Brain Fart is the Brain itself. Yes it even looks like a real Brain too.

The Brain needs 2 AAA batteries. It’s a simple device which when pressed displays a letter of the alphabet.

If you haven’t worked it out by now, the game is simple. Roll the 9 cubes, press the Brain, get a letter then play. Everyone takes turns and has to choose a cube on display and name something in that category with that letter. So for instance, going off the above photos – We have the letter O and looking at the cube categories I’d first go with pizza toppings Andy answer would be Onion. I’d then take that cube and play would pass to the next player. This carries on using the same letter until all the cubes are gone or until the brain farts, which could be at any point in the game.

When the brain farts, the round is finished and the unfortunate player who it farted on then gets a token. The winner of the game is the player with the least tokens, so it’s a good idea to try and answer as fast as possible to avoid the fart.

Its a good fun overall family game. With lots of pauses, silly answers and laughs.

Brain fart costs approximately Β£19.99 from most good toy stores.

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