Personalised blanket gifts for Christmas

Picture the scene on a cold chilly Christmas morning. You look at your pile of presents, expecting the usual bath gift sets, socks, chocolates etc. Then you open a soft gift and your eyes light up with surprise when you see a soft large fleece blanket, just what you need to keep warm at this time of year. But wait! This isn’t just a normal everyday blanket, it’s much more than that, this one has been made just for you. Perhaps with your name on or a personalised message just for you, and a photo of a special time or lots of photos of special memories right there to keep on a special blanket.

For me this would probably bring a tear or two to my eyes. The fact that someone took time to make me a personalised gift to keep and something a bit different than the usual Christmas gifts.

Well this Christmas I have made one of these special blankets for my 12 year old Jordanna. I made the blanket over at Wanapix. Here you can buy not just blankets but a whole heap of gorgeous personalised items for the home and as gifts.

This is the blanket I created for Jordanna. It’s pretty big, easily a single bed size so I had to really stand back to get it all in. This design included 4 big pictures and space for text. The blanket size is the large one and measures 120x80cms. Im sure she will be happy with this Christmas Day .

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