Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Electric shavers tend to be a lot more skin-friendly than manual razors. But not if you choose them without regard for how sensitive your skin is to shaving.

It pays to choose your electric shaver wisely. Our guide will help you do just that.

How Do You Spot a Skin-Friendly Electric Shaver?

To serve as a good match for sensitive skin, an electric shaver must be:

Omnidirectional The more adjustable an electric shaver is, and the more shaving directions it allows for, the better for your skin. This allows you to shave in harmony with how your facial features are and how your hair grows. As a result, shaving feels a lot less irritable for the skin.

Water-resistant If your skin is sensitive to shaving, wet shaving is the most preferred way. An electric shaver that is ideal for sensitive skin must allow for wet shaving with ease. To make sure of it, look for the models that have a water-resistant or even a water-proof build.

Cordless Restricted movement is a frequent culprit behind the skin damage when shaving. And the electric shavers with cords can limit your natural shaving motions in a variety of subtle ways. If your skin doesn’t handle shaving well, opt for models that come with a cordless design.

Quiet Noisy electric shavers can easily make you tense, making your shaving motions awkward and increasing the risk of skin injuries. Unlike them, electric shavers with a quiet build allow you to feel comfortable when you shave. And make your shaving motions smooth and relaxed.

If you want your skin to feel good after shaving, an electric shaver should meet all these criteria. But there are more ways to ensure an electric shaver doesn’t do a real number on your skin.

What Else Must a Skin-Friendly Electric Shaver Feature?

To make shaving as tolerable for your skin as possible, an electric shaver must also have:

Adjustable intensity Best electric shavers come with adjustable power levels that let you change the intensity of shaving. This feature can be a game changer for people with sensitive skin. It allows you to tune in to the shaving intensity that your skin tolerates the best.

Easy-to-clean design Skin-friendly electric shavers shouldn’t be hard to clean. The easier they make this part for you, the more likely you’ll be to clean them more often. This in turn will minimize the risk of an electric shaver damaging your skin by getting stuck at certain spots.

Light weight The lighter an electric shaver is, the more natural it will feel in your hand when you shave. This will make your muscles less tense and your shaving motions smoother. As you’ll be making less awkward motions, you’ll be running a lower risk of skin injuries.

Decent battery Since cordless models are a preferable choice for sensitive skin, models with longer battery life are more desirable. The longer an electric shaver’s battery lasts, the less you’ll feel like being in a rush when shaving. And the less likely skin injuries will be.

Electric shavers that match all these criteria as well are a supreme choice for sensitive skin. Do any electric shavers out there meet them?

Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin to Try

These electric shavers are among the most skin-friendly on the market today:

•Series 9 9290cc by Braun.

•ES-LV65-S Arc5 by Panasonic.

•5-Star Series by Wahl Professional.

•Series 7 790cc by Braun.

•Series 7500 by Philips Norelco.

Clearly, electric shavers come and go. At this point, these models are decent options to check.

What else can you do to make electric shaving skin-friendly?

Tips for Making Your Electric Shaver More Skin-Friendly

Namely:• Keep track of how sharp the blades are and replace them when they get blunt.

With the help of a few tricks, you can make your electric shaver an even better fit for sensitive skin.

•Stick to the natural direction of how your hair is growing when shaving.

•Make sure your hair is wet well before you start shaving.

•Avoid shaving without the use of a shaving cream.

•Use oils made specifically for sensitive skin after you finish shaving.

•Nourish your skin in other ways too, such as through hydration and a proper diet.

Following these simple tips will kick the effectiveness of a well-chosen electric shaver up a notch. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide.

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