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Some of you may just recall a fairy garden post that I did last Summer. This post featured one of the original “My Fairy Garden” sets from Interplay. It’s basically a lot which comes with everything to make a mini fairy garden. Izebella still has this fairy garden and we even managed to alter the bowl a little so that it could be an outdoor fairy garden rather than indoor, where it seems to grow and do much better. We’ve even added a few bits and pieces over the year and even the odd few flower seeds.

Well interplay’s fairy garden range has also grown a lot in a year, with the addition of some gorgeous new kits and accessories. One of those new kits is the Dragons tower and with the release of movies such as Frozen 2 and the much loved Tangled, I have a feeling that this will be a very popular toy this Christmas.

It works in pretty much the same way as the original fairy garden. You get everything you need in the box including the grass seed, you also get pea shoot seeds too. The only thing that wasn’t in our box is the soil, which to be honest is a bit of a pain in the butt at this time of year as there isn’t much gardening stuff left in store aisles right now. Luckily I did have a small amount left over from Summer in my shed,

Unlike the fairy garden, this one has three places to plant the seeds. The top of the tower and two pretty plant pots which sit at the side of the main tower.

Our seeds have been planted but there isn’t much in the way of growth just yet. Given the appalling weather recently it’s hardly surprising as even grass needs some sort of sunlight to grow and there hasn’t been much of that these past few weeks. I’d say it’s certainly easier to grow it in Spring, ready for Summer. The pea shoots are the dangly branches growing down from the tower and actually make it look really cool.

There are lots of little accessories that come with this. For a start there is the mother and baby dragon family which are so cute.

Also a fairy figure of course, dragon egg and a watering cup. It costs about £14.00 so you do get quite a lot for your money with this. It also encourages children to look after their little garden and water it regularly as well as altering the figures and moving them around. Other accessories and parts can also be added. Suitable from 4 years and over.

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