How to find travel insurance for a family trip

Travelling with kids is work for a lot of couples while some considered it fun. No matter what your view is about travelling with kid, it is still fun and allows you to know more about your children that you otherwise wouldn’t have known if you are at a different setting.

When travelling with your kids, make sure that you have a checklist of what you’ll need during the trip and one of these essentials is family travel insurance. Having a travel insurance in place for your whole family keeps your mind and your wallet at peace. Here’s how to find a travel insurance for a family trip:

Get a multi-trip policy

If your family travels a lot, getting a multi-policy travel insurance is better and cheaper. It also covers a longer period of time and it saves you the hassle of getting insurance again and again every time you have a trip. 

Add a trip cancellation or disruption feature

It’s not that somebody will get sick before you even leave but there are circumstances which you cannot control. That includes natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more. During such times, airlines stop their flights leaving a lot of people no choice. Having an insurance that covers trip cancellation assures you that you will be reimbursed for any tickets and accommodation you have paid for. 

Include a 24-hour emergency assistance

Experiencing some problems in a country you barely know is very stressful, especially if the person you’re talking to does not speak your language. If you add a 24-hour emergency feature to your family travel insurance, you are guaranteed a 24/7 multi-lingual assistance. 

What to remember when looking for a family travel insurance

Some insurance policies offer free insurance to kids below 17. Ask the insurance company you are talking to if this is available. Furthermore, you also need to check the key cover of the policy since each member have different ages. 

Declare any medical condition each one of you have

Don’t hide information from your insurer if you or any family member has a pre-existing medical condition. If you fail to do so and something happened during your travel, it can null your claim. 

With that in mind, also check with your insurer what medical conditions are covered and what are covered for free. 

More so, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you can either get a normal premium and not make any claims with regard to anything related to that condition, or you can have additional premium for that condition. However, you need to check with the insurer first whether or not they can cover your existing medical condition or not.

Don’t let anything ruin your family trip or cause you to worry about what might happen. Instead, get you and your family covered. It is beneficial for both you and them. It also guarantees that nothing can ruin your family vacation. Go to a nearest insurance company now and check what they can offer. 


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