Pop pop hair surprise

New from MGA toys comes a brand new collectible toy. Aimed towards the girls, the pop pop surprise seems to be all about the hair and crazy hair styles.

Unlike many other playground collectibles, you don’t just get one toy with these, but many to open and unwrap.

This is actually a 3 in 1 toy. The doll you see above doubles up as a brush which seems suitable for normal finer hair or to use with dolls. Then there is the small spray bottle which slots into the bottom of the brush. This holds a small amount of water which can then be used to spray and pop the pop pod.

When the pop pod pops, you will get one of these adorable pets, which are the collectible part. This comes with massive long hair which can be styled using the other accessories that come with this. This pet is hidden inside a pop roller. Izebella has no idea that the roller contained this hidden pet.

Hair clips and mini bands also come included. The hair can be washed too as well as brushed, plaited and styled. And the pet itself makes a nice new addition to Izebellas growing drawers of figures.

The pet is also an actual hair bobble which can be worn in your own hair. So all in all this toy is good value for money.

These cost Β£9.99 each and should be available in many toy stores and on Amazon.

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