Add some light to the dark nights

As the dark nights approach, we all search for ways to add a bit more light to our home and gardens. Those of us who love our solar lights in the Summer know all too well that the majority of them just don’t work as well in the colder seasons. I was recently introduced to a new type of outdoor lighting product called Luci.

These are a new take on outdoor lighting. Unlike regular string solar lights, these come on a cord string rather than a wire which can easily break. The string is really strong and tough and and can be put pretty much anywhere. Also the string lights come in this handy expandable carry unit which is not only small and easy to hide away but also very light and portable.

The cord is 18ft long but the unit allows it to be pulled out to any length up to that, meaning you don’t need to use all the lights at once. There are 10 LED light nodes containing 20 white LEDS. The brightness can be operated via the power button with 4 modes.

Charging the lights can be done via solar power by placing the unit in direct sunlight for several hours. When sunlight is scarce, like this time of year, the lights can also be charged via a USB plug.

The lights are really bright and look great in my garden. They provide lots of light and are extremely bright on the highest mode – 100 lumens, tho I have no idea what that means? The light hub even has a handy charger itself to charge up mobile phones and mobile devices, obviously you’ll need your own lead but this comes in handy for camping and trips away, as stated earlier these lights are very portable.

So there you have it, all year round outdoor solar lights that you can pack up and travel with too. And the cost is just Β£39.95.

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