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If you’re planning your next annual getaway, you might want to consider booking out of season. While July and August are typically the most popular times to head abroad, out of season holidays are often overlooked.

Below, I’ll reveal just some of the great benefits booking out of season holidays can deliver.

You’ll save money

Let’s start with the most important benefit of booking out of season – the money you’ll potentially save. When you book a holiday in July or August, you’re going to be paying twice as much as you would by booking out of season. The exact same holiday, such as Villas in Spain can be hundreds of pounds cheaper simply by choosing a quieter time of year. 

This means you could potentially enjoy a more luxurious getaway that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. If you book a villa through somewhere like Villa Plus and it will work out way cheaper than you’d expect. 

It won’t be as busy

Another excellent benefit of booking out of season is that it won’t be as busy. As nice as the weather can be during the summer months, it can get ridiculously busy in popular holiday destinations. This means you’re often left battling the crowds and queuing for hours to see the most popular tourist attractions. Even restaurants can get really busy so it can take a long time to get served. Plus, you might or might not get an ideal room with utmost privacy for your gateway. Therefore, it is better to go out of season.
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When you travel out of season on the other hand, there’s no queues, you won’t be fighting the crowds on the beach and you’ll enjoy a much more relaxed holiday. 

You can still enjoy beautiful weather

One of the main reason’s tourists book holidays in July and August (besides it being the limited option for those with children) is the weather. You want to be able to enjoy hot, beautiful weather that you don’t necessarily get back home. However, you can still get that even if you book a winter holiday. Plenty of destinations benefit from a warm year-round climate such as Tenerife. 

So, there you have it, some great reasons to book an out of season holiday. If you want to save money, enjoy a quieter break and still enjoy plenty of hot sunshine, an autumn or winter getaway could be a great option. No matter how far you want to travel, you’ll be able to find an affordable, out of season holiday to suit all budgets. Why not treat yourself and book something a little more luxurious too?

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