Family Holidays Done Right

Choosing a holiday when you were young, free and single was the easiest thing in the world. You and your friends, partners too maybe, were happy to go with the flow, pick a destination and arrive there with little research done just ready to explore and have fun.

Then along came family life and the matter of choosing a holiday destination has become altogether harder to decide. If you have young children then you’re looking for a holiday that’s as convenient for you as it is entertaining for them. For older children though, you want to find a destination that has enough to entertain everyone. So what’s on the table? In this article we take a look at holidays everyone will be happy with.

All Inclusive

While some people turn their noses at these all-in-one deals, for a family on a budget or with a mix of ages it’s perfect.

You’ll be able to keep track of your spending more easily, have all the food and drink you need (though be able to splash out if you feel like adding in something extra) and have access to a lot of entertainment. Younger children will love the holiday clubs that get them swimming and running around while older teens can make use of games rooms, the wifi and pool. Having those precious few hours to yourself gives adults a real chance to relax, knowing that everyone is having a great time.


This is often seen as the environment of older people but today’s cruise ships are whole factories of entertainment on the water. You get to travel to a whole variety of different places while also experiencing life onboard a cruise ship.

The entertainment might not be to everyone’s taste but with swimming pools, sports facilities and often a cinema there’s enough to keep family members occupied. If you’re not sure you want to risk a whole two weeks aboard a luxury yacht, why not try shorter Cruise & Stay holidays as an experiment.

Adventure holidays

If you’ve got a shared love of the outdoors perhaps a more organised holiday might be just the thing. Pack up your bikes and join other like-minded families following trails and staying in a variety of accommodations along the way. Perhaps one night camping, another in a hostel and another in a B&B.
Adventure holidays whether organised by a group or done independently can be great fun and are perfect if you hire or own a caravan or camper van to transport you and your gear with you

City breaks, beach holidays and everything in between. Each family is as unique as the holiday you choose. Why not go wild and try something a little different this year. From a relaxing package holiday spent sipping cocktails by the pool to a week spent on the water or adventuring around. Holidays are every bit as much about the people you spend time with and not just the destination you choose.

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