No Need To Reach For The Glass! Ways To Unwind Without Alcohol

It seems that as parents, we tend to be so busy, that we look forward to that little treat at the end of the day. Whether you spent so long fixing up your home, or you feel that you cannot get off the treadmill of packed lunches, school runs, and all the essential life admin, it seems that that glass of wine at the end of the day is our salvation. But it’s quite a slippery slope if we get into this. As such, it can become our crutch, but are there ways for us to unwind without alcohol?

Other Healthier Vices

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine, but if you tend to rely on it, perhaps it’s worth making some sort of swap. There are plenty of things out there that can give you that buzz. Something like a shisha kit might be worth trying; did you know you can get shisha ecig kits? It’s worth trying a few different things to help you calm down. Maybe even making that swap to non-alcoholic wine could work? After all, it’s more about the feeling of a nice glass of wine in a hand that can help us to calm down.

Engaging In A Spiritual Practice

Whether it’s something like yoga or meditation, sometimes if we feel that we are too stressed throughout the course of the day, then being a bit more open to life can make us realise not to sweat the small stuff. Once we start to make a habit of a more relaxing pastime like this, we can find a bit more clarity in our everyday life. A lot of people feel that there’s not enough time to do something like this, but you don’t need an hour or two every day, even 10 minutes can help in so many ways.

Be Creative

Creativity works wonders because it gives you the opportunity to put your energies into something else. When you are on a mental treadmill, doing the same thing day in and day out being creative can help focus your energies and boost your mood. Whether it’s something like evening classes, or just learning how to knit, it works to relax you, but also takes your mind away from everything that you are used to.

Think About How Stressed You Might Be

Remember, if you feel that you need to have a glass of wine to unwind, it’s worth looking at why you need this glass of wine. Stress is something that can attack us in so many different ways. So if you start to think about how stressed you might be, you can find a way of tackling the root cause, and so, you might realise that you don’t necessarily need alcohol to unwind. After a while, this glass of wine becomes a habit. But while a little bit is okay, if you feel that life gets more stressful, the more you reach for the bottle. As a parent, we need to be fighting fit and there’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine, but if you feel stressed all the time, alcohol is not always the best thing for you.

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