Mr Potato Head is back

Do you remember this guy from the 1980’s or possibly before? Did you have one as a child?

Well he’s made a comeback with a bit of a revamp. If you had one back in the 80’s or played with a worse for wear one at school, then you may recall that he didn’t do all that much back then. The original potato head was bought out by Hasbro many years ago. Since then there have been many versions of him bought out, all with ever so slightly different features.

Kids of today would quickly get bored of the version we all played with as kids, so Playskool bought out a new version of potato head which actually does a bit more.

This one is the Moving lips talking potato head and like his predecessors he comes with several plastic parts which get inserted into holes on his body. Yes kids can still stick his arms where his eyes are supposed to be etc, but this guy talks and sings too.

He has a few sets of funny lips which remind me a bit of those wind up chatter teeth from the 80s/90s era. The lips don’t have a plastic insert like the rest of his bits but instead have magnets on the back. The lips can be put on and pulled off just like the rest of him and they are a pretty clever gadget too. See he only talks or sings when the lips are on, take the lips off and he just mumbles or hums but no words come out. His lips also move as he talks or sings and it’s all done via the magnet on the back of the lips. Pretty clever eh?

I wasn’t too sure if this toy would be a bit young or babyish for Izebella (who’s nearly 7) but she happily played with him anyway.

He can get a bit annoying with over 40 phrases and 4 songs. But luckily the off switch is under his foot.

His parts are also compatible with some other potato head versions too.

He costs £19.99 from Smyths stores.

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