Occult box monthly subscription

This is Occult box. It’s a monthly subscription box full of weird and wonderful things. The price is Β£18 per month, tho your first box is a bit less. When first signing up you do get the option to customise your box a little; as each box is unique. You get to tick off some stuff you like or dislike such as whether you’d be happy with jewellery or books etc and also the themes your into – i.e goth, skulls, witchcraft etc.

It’s a really small company and they haven’t been going that long. I’m now on my third box and was really happy with August’s contents. The box before it was slightly disappointing and my first one was quite good so I guess it’s just pot luck each month.

If you search for other Occult box videos on you tube you will see that other people have all got slightly different things in their boxes which sort of proves that each box gets made taking preferences into account.

You can sign up for your box at https://www.occultmysterybox.co.uk/And if your not too sure about this then perhaps try one of their one off gift boxes packed full of stuff and available to suit many budgets.

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