Schleich Farm World – Adventure Tree house

We are big fans of the Schleich range and this year they have focused on their farm world range. These include all sorts of farm products such as farm buildings and various animals. Our most recent product has been their adventure tree house.

This is one of their larger sets, it retails at around Β£59.99 and just like most Schleich sets, it does require some assembly.

There are instructions which read as diagrams and images, its quite straightforward but due to the amount of parts involved it does take a while, therefore probably best to pre-build before showing kids.

The treehouse characters include the farmers 2 children Sarah and Ben (yes there is a story behind the Farm world toys). These children enjoy playing for hours in their dream tree house.

The two characters come assembled, and gave moveable arm. The main construction work is the treehouse itself. I found the slide a little fiddly to attach as it kept coming off but got there in the end.

As well as the main characters, the set also includes a pet dog and a very cute little hedgehog.

It also includes many small accessories. Such as a telescope, tyre swing and little cups.

Playable parts of the treehouse include the slide which the characters can whizz down with hands in the air. The ladder which the characters can climb up, a tyre swing for swinging on, a pullet tray for lifting things up, a platform with telescope to see the views and the main part of the treehouse where a table, seats and drinks can go for the brother and sister.

This set is aimed at children ages 3-8 years and encourages role play and imagination. Izebella has lots of fun with this and will take on character rolls putting on different voices for each of the characters, puts the characters in different parts of the tree house etc and even introduces her own dolls and farm characters that she already owns for extra play.

Other play sets from Schleich can also be combined with the playhouse along with various character figures and farm animals. See the full range at Schleich.


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