Top best castles to tour in the world

Whenever the word castle is mentioned, what is normally top of mind is normally a large structure which has great walls. This is especially if you have watched the series of the Games of Throne. Most of the historical movies such as residential evil and dragon heart have their stories beginning and ending with castles.

A castle refers to a fortified, private residence of the nobles with the scope of the castle being highly contested. If you are on tour around the world, then you should consider visiting some of the world’s greatest castles listed at which include:

• Edinburgh Castle: It is a castle which is situated in Edinburgh in Scotland. The name Edinburgh is derived from the word Din Eidyn, which means the Eidyn fortress, built in the volcanic crag extinct. Most of the buildings which you will find in the castle are dated all the way back to 16th century. The oldest building in Edinburgh castle, Margaret chapel, is dated back to the 12th century. The whole castle covers an area of 35737 meters square and it is a present-day tourist attraction and you can be guided around it.

• Citadel of Aleppo: It is one of the world’s oldest castles covering 39804 meters square. Situated 50 meters high hill in Aleppo Center of Syria. It is said that the hill has been in use since the 3rd millennium for different purposes. Most of its construction was completed in the 13th century. It has served as a stronghold for crusaders on the crusader era fortification. Most of the civilization including the Greek and the Byzantine had occupied part of this castle.

• Trim Castle: It is a castle which is located in Trim County on River Boyne in Ireland southern bank. It was builtduring the rule Norman in the 12th century by Hugh de Lacy and it happens to be among the Norman castles which occupy 30000 meters square.

It is a castle which was built in three stages with the last two being done by Walter de Lacy’s time. The normanadministration used it as an administrative center for the Meath Lordship. At times the castle is known as Song of Dermot and the Earl. 

If you want to visit it as a tourist site, you only have to pay a small entrance fee. There are several outstanding castles in Ireland which you can visit.

• Himeji Castle: This is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan which are situated in the Himeji, Japan’s Hyogo prefecture. It is an oriental castle that is a sample of prototypical that was built in the 14th century and then went ahead and was expanded throughout the century. Its construction was completed in the 1609 AD. It has survived several bombings, civil wars, and earthquakes. It sits on 41648 meters square area and had 83 buildings. Each of the buildings is equipped with defensive system. its complex is the most noticeable features that resemble a bird which is about to fly.

• Buda Castle: You will find it in the southern tip of the Budapest of Hungary castle. After the Mongols attack, the citizens of Buda decided to build castle in order to ensure their safety against the Mongols. Even with the effort, the castle still has been attacked several times. You will be able to see this effect in the style of the building found in the castle that ranges from Gothic styles to Baroque styles. It took several years for the castle to be constructed. The form in which it is present in was finished in 1266 AD, covering an area of 49485 meters square. It is currently a museum and has a National Museum of Hungary.

• Spis Castle: It is a castle which was built in 12th century AD and one of the largest medieval castles found in central Europe. You will find it in the countryside east of Slovakia. The tectonic earthquake destroyed it. During the first half of 13th century, a stone wall was used for the main building to be fortified for the anticipated incursion of Tartar. There was fortification of lower courtyard in the mid of 11thcentury. Later on, the fortress was changed into noble families home. In 1780, most of it was destroyed by a fire. At present, it is one of the sites which is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage.

• Hohesalzburg castle: It is one of the largest castles found in Europe situated in Salzburg city in Austria. It was constructed in 1077 AD with extra extension works happening between1495 to 1519 AD. It is one of the best-preserved and largest medieval fortresses that you will find in central Europe, covering an area of about 54523 meters square. It is believed that it is a castle which no enemy has ever captured.

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