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Watches are a great gift during weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions such as graduations. But if you are someone who rarely purchases watches, it might be hard for you to know where you will have to look for a watch first and get the best warranty, best deal, and authenticity guarantee. Most people find that most online watch store experience is fraught and fragmented with high prices and fake watches.

When buying watches, especially the expensive kind, it always pays to be discerning about where to buy them. It’s natural to want the best deal, but you will lose more if you get a fake product. If you truly want to save money, look into buying secondhand luxury watches from trusted sellers. You can buy high-quality replacement watch bands to replace the old straps and have the timepiece cleaned and maintained so that it looks as good as new.

Where to start buying your watches includes:

Manufacturer’s website: The safest place where you can purchase a watch is the website of the manufacturer. When on such a website, you are sure that you will get the genuine watch that is quality for all the guarantees and warranties which the maker of the watch is giving out. But for most watches, it will be hard for you to get the best prices while on the manufacturer’s website. When it comes to those watches which are expensive, it will be hard for you to be able to purchase anything as most of the selling is done through the dealers.

Those companies who manufacture expensive watches are normally, old school meaning, they tend to only rely on network of dealers and distributors to be able to sell their watches and have for generations. What it means is that the distributors are the ones who end up offering the sale and most of the best prices online. The price you will see on the watchmaker’s website is normally higher as compared to the one you will get in the stores. 

The companies which are a new entry into the watch manufacturing tend not to have a historical dealer network. Whichever the case, you will need to check the website of the manufacturer first before you proceed to any other place. It will take you a few minutes and you can start sourcing around for other places. o

Pros: A watch which has a genuine guarantee will come with the original warrantyo

Cons: Most of the time the price is not the best.

Amazon: The truth is that you can get almost everything on Amazon but the way you make your purchase matters a lot. You will need to pay attention to the details. On Amazon, there is two types of sellers: amazon itself and third-party sellers. The third-party sellers could be anyone from a watch seller who is well known to a dealer who is out to scam you.

When you are buying on amazon itself, you will see it say, sold and shipped by Such sales are trustworthy due to the fact that Amazon tends to be a good source of goods just like any other large retailers in the market and you will enjoy purchasing with them. 

When dealing with third parties on the Amazon, you will need to be cautious about them as there are a number of scammers and villains. It is also possible to get a good dealer there. Before purchasing on amazon, first of all,check who is selling and just below the add to cart, you will be able to see the other Amazon sellers. These are the most important things to check out before doing a purchase of your watch on Amazon.

The key to evaluating a third party seller should be the rating and not the reviews. This is due to the fact that ratings are about the seller while the reviews are all about the product. You will have to check both the product reviews and the rating page before you decide to purchase from a third party seller.

When you are buying on Amazon, you will need to be keen on:

o Bad reviews

o Lack of reviews because it is an indicator that there are no buyers for the product which could be an indicator that, the seller is a scammer or new in the market.

o Lack of reviews which are real. If a seller is using software to generate reviews, Amazon will catch such a seller as those are fake reviews.o Lack of ratings which are positive. Ratings tend to be different from reviews and relate generally to the seller and not the product.

o You should not be fooled by marketing phrases. This does not denotes that, its genuinely has been checked by Amazon and the seller is using the warehouse of Amazon to enable them to ship their products. Phrases don’t in any way make a product more quality.

o Bad packaging is something you should also look out for. It could mean that you are getting a watch which was returned by some other customer. It could also indicate that there is a fraudulent activity that happened on the product. Ensure that the watch comes in its original packaging devoid of errors and mistakes.

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