Why you need to use a mileage app

Every year, thousands of people spend breathless days wading through their notebooks, receipts, among other papers in pursuit of meeting the deadline for filing their tax return. The frustrating experience of struggling to pull information from one’s apathetic long-term memory is met with promises of streamlining the process through leveraging the use of mileage apps. However, since old habits are hard to break, the trudge of grappling with sales slips, registers, and other paper is rolled over to the next year.

If you are among the thousands of people caught up in the vicious circle of kicking the can down the road, the time to be on point with mileage apps is now. Unfolding in the subsequent passage are reasons to consider using a mileage app.

  1. No guessworks

Notepads, receipts, among other records done on paper are easy to lose or misplace. Thus throwing one into a few hunches of coming up with the forgotten expenses. Mileage tracking apps seal the chances of encountering missing gaps. Providing you with all the data you need at the touch of a screen. For every trip you take, whether business or personal, a mileage app automatically and accurately records your details. 

Atop capturing and associating proof of purchases with every trip, mileage apps such as TripLog backup your data in the cloud. Consequently, you do not have to bother about losing your records if you lose your device or delete your app, as they can be safely retrieved from the cloud. 

2. You focus on things that matter more; hence increased productivity

Imagine every year spending two or three days labouring to trace misplaced receipts with their associated trips. Trying to recollect every mile you covered over 12 months is by itself a vexing experience. In addition to the long hours spent tracing different expenses. This is a significant drain on your time. Hours which could have instead been invested in productive work. A mileage tracking app relieves you the burden of having to sit for long hours writing down your trip’s particulars. Giving you more time to focus on more rewarding tasks.  

3. Compliance with IRS Laws

The Internal Revenue Service requires that you keep slips of expenses (both business and vehicle) over $75. A mileage app allows you to maintain a detailed record of business and vehicle expenses. It is from these records that the app generates an IRS compliant report while filing taxes. Giving you a seamless experience while claiming tax deductions. If you run a company, your day to day operations can all be captured on a mileage up. Giving you an edge of earning significant exemptions while filing tax returns. 

4. Convenience as you save money, time, and energy

In summa, using a mileage tracking app all boils down to convenience. Regardless of your location, you can capture, organize, and store your mileage data. And when the time for tax filing comes, you do not have to sit spend long hours recollecting scanty information. Furthermore, you eliminate redundancy from your workload. 

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