MOT checks for your vehicle

With road accidents on the rise in the UK, many companies are launching campaigns to push forward the importance of correct checks for all roadworthy vehicles and in particular the MOT checks. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport.

An MOT test is a requirement by UK law for most vehicles over 3 years old. The test is annual meaning you need to take your vehicle for a test each year. The test will cover many things and generally takes a few hours. MOT test centres are found in every town/city; for example you can get your MOT done in Northampton at Calmac.

This symbol is the official one for MOT testing. The test will include checks for all of the following.

β€’ exhaust & Emissions

β€’ Seat Belts

β€’ Steering

β€’ Windscreen

β€’ Bonnet Catch

β€’ Horn

β€’ Number plate

β€’ Lights

β€’ Brakes

β€’ Tyres and Wheels

β€’ Mirrors

β€’ Doors

β€’ Seats

β€’ Suspension

β€’ Fuel system

β€’ Body and structure

β€’ Tyres

The test, which is done at hundreds of places throughout the UK; can usually be completed the same day within a few hours. The test is not free and varies from place to place. However if al is okay then it’s usually inexpensive.

If a car passes all the checks then a test certificate will be issued to confirm the vehicle is road worthy and can then be driven as usual.

If it does not pass then the owner is then obliged to have the car serviced in order to bring it up to standard. The vehicle can be driven home but necessary repairs must be completed before embarking on longer journeys. A re-test can then be booked within 10 days of a fail. Any later than 10 days and the owner will need to pay the full cost of a new MOT.

For those worried about expensive repairs from a failed MOT, it may be a good idea to put a little bit of money aside each week/month to cover unexpected repairs on your car. Being caught driving without an up to date MOT certificate is illegal. The only exception being when driving to or from the MOT test centre. Being caught on the road without a valid certificate can result in a fine of up to Β£1000. However the penalty may not stop there. If you are found to be driving a vehicle that is dangerous and not in roadworthy condition then you may also risk a further fine of up to Β£5000 plus points on your licence which could then result in a driving ban.

Therefore please ensure your vehicle, be it car, van or HGV etc is roadworthy, safe and has had a recent and cleared MOT test.

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