Personalised chocolate gifts

Did you know that Cadbury’s and Green & Blacks have recently started a whole delicious selection of personalised chocolate gifts. These include selection boxes, hampers and single bars like this one from Green & Blacks.

Did you spot the Bizzimummy name on the top? The chocolate inside remains the same and any name can be put on. They make the chocolate gift a bit more personal and I think they are a good idea for Christmas.

I also “had” this huge bar from Cadbury’s which was absolutely massive.

Again it has my blog name clearly appearing on the front of it. These personalised products are only available for ordering via the Cadbury’s gift and Green & Blacks website. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chocolate bar as big as this in any regular shops or supermarkets so I assume this can only be purchased via the website too.

The chocolate in this humongous bar was also really chunky and thick, it’s all gone now but we really enjoyed it.

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