Small Changes That’ll Make Your Home Feel More Mature

LIf it’s been quite a few years since you last made changes and updates to your home, now might be a good idea to consider that, especially if it’s outdated and lacking maturity. As time passes and we grow up, our living spaces need to reflect that. We don’t have the same ideas about what looks good in terms of interior design at the age of 35 as we did when we were 21.

Making the right kinds of changes could really transform your home and make it more appropriate to who you are today. You’ll view the space differently and maybe use it differently each day too. To help you get started on the right path, here are some great ways to make your home feel more mature.

Chill Out the Colours and Patterns

When you’re young, it’s not uncommon to opt for an over the top and busy colour palette, but when you get a little older, you tend to gravitate towards more mature and chilled out colours and patterns. If you’re looking for reliable ways to make your home feel more mature in terms of design, this is certainly a good way of doing it. Painting the walls and toning them down a little will make such a big difference to how the space feels.

Find the Ideal Rug

A good rug can make a big difference in your living room too. When there’s something adding a little more texture and colour variation to the floor, it simply looks better and generally more impressive. It’s also a more mature design feature because it’s one of those things that you don’t bother to invest in when you’re younger. But the right rug can last for decades and serve your home very well if you choose a high-quality one.

Frame the Posters You Love

Those old posters that have been hanging on your walls for years might have looked cool when you were younger, but sticking some posters to your wall doesn’t exactly scream maturity. However, that doesn/t mean you have to throw them away along with the memories and sentimental value they hold. Instead, you simply need to invest in some poster frames. Framing your posters makes them feel more like art and less like an expression of teenage angst, which has to be a good thing.

Dress Your Windows Properly

Dressing your windows means making sure that you maximise the natural light entering your living space, while also creating a new stylish asset in your home. The kind of window dressings you need in your home will depend on your space, the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and how the natural light enters your home and how well it serves your living space. Be sure to take all of those things into account.

Get Creative with Your Bookcases

First of all, if you haven’t got bookcases, it’s time to invest in some. Stacks of books on the floor isn’t any option any longer and you can make them look stylish and organised if you get creative with them. You can arrange them by spine colour on your bookcase, for instance. It’s a nice way to turn your collection of books into a focal point in your room. It looks great and it allows you to display your books in a mature way.

Add Some Plants

It’s also a nice idea to add some house plants to your home. This adds some life and vibrancy to your home and simply makes the whole place feel a little fresher than it otherwise might, which is never a bad thing. It also gives you some responsibility; not quite as much as owning a dog or having children, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

Use Pillows and Throws

Finally, you should think about adding some pillows and throws to your sofa. They can add a pop of colour and a lot more comfort to your living space. Again, it’s a mature step because it allows you to add more of those details and finishing touches to your home that often get ignored in less mature homes. Plus, you’ll be very glad for a little extra comfort and warmth when the winter months swing around.

We all have to grow up eventually, so if your home currently feels like it’s been designed by someone who hasn’t hit adulthood yet, you need to make the changes we’ve discussed here. And remember, mature and grown up doesn’t mean boring. You can have a stylish and modern home that also feels mature.

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