Baby’s First Birthday Bash

If there is one thing that every parent loves to plan, it’s a birthday party. None of those birthday parties for their children is as special or as important as the very first one, and it’s for several reasons. Firstly, you only ever get a first birthday party once. Secondly, it’s a chance to gather everyone who has had a hand at helping you for the first year of your child’s life. Lastly, first birthdays are for the parents more than they are for the child. You have survived a whole year of parenthood, and that in itself is something to celebrate!

Planning that first birthday party takes time, especially if you want it to be an event with all the bells, whistles, bouncy castles and candy you can afford. If you want to pay for photo booth hire, you should have one. If you want flying butterflies, you should have one. Whatever you want to have, your little darling will not care. However, your guests will, and you will retain all the memories of this day while your baby naps (probably!). Let’s take a look at things you should think about before you throw the party:

  • Where? You can choose where to have your baby’s first-ever birthday party, and the world is your oyster with this choice. If you have it in your home, you need to be in charge of clearing up afterwards. Holding it outdoors is a risk if the weather turns at the last minute. You should consider hiring a cafe or a parish hall to have a birthday bash for the first birthday; you’ll need the room!
  • Theme? Every parent has a theme in mind, from unicorns to rainbows, colour themes to characters. The good news is that almost every website can get you the right equipment in the theme that you want for your child’s party.
  • Who? A first birthday party is always tricky in terms of guests, but you should think about inviting family, family friends and if your child attends a nursery or daycare, the little friends that they have their, too! Anyone you socialize with should get an invite; after all, they’ve ridden the wave of the first year of your child’s life with you!
  • Food? So many people have different ideas of what to serve for food, but it really depends on your theme. BBQ food, finger buffets, ordering pizzas – no matter what, as long as everyone is catered for in terms of diet, you’ll do fine. Don’t forget a cake – or two if you plan to do a smash cake!
  • Favours? Your party planning has to include a thank you, of course. Favours can be fancy swag bags, or they can be little toys for children to take home. Think about offering parents a mini bottle of champagne in a bag, too, as they’ve also survived you and your family for a year – yay them!

Planning a party is fun; make sure that you embrace it!

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