Womens Razors: Which To Use And Which To Avoid


The best womens razors aren’t necessarily the first or most expensive thing you see on the shelves.

As women, we are sold this idea that pinker, fancier and more feminine-looking razors will provide a better shaving experience. This isn’t the case. The type of razor right for you will depend on where you’re shaving, your skin type, how much time you have to shave, and much more.

So, next time you need a new razor, don’t just grab the first one you see on the shelf, consider your individual needs to find the right one for you.


How many blades should your razor have?

If you are after a super close shave, or want to be completely hairless for as long as possible, opting for more blades may be your best bet. Generally, the more blades on your razor, the closer your shave will be.

Why? Multi-blade razors essentially do what other razors do, but twice. Razors work by using the first blade to hook the hair and the second to slice it as close to the skin as possible. If your razor has four or five blades rather than two, it will basically be doing just that, but multiple times. Their aim is to cut your hair as far below the skin’s surface as possible.

When it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of womens razors though, more blades can be problematic too. If your shaving technique is rushed or you apply too much pressure, multi-blade razor heads can cause nicks on the skin’s surface. We’ve all been there and nicks can look and feel painful – something no one wants.

Basically, the more blades on the razor, the more difficult it is to make sure each blade glides over the skin at the right angle. If you know that your shaving routine tends to be rushed or you struggle to shave without irritating your skin, single blade safety razors or electric razors may be better for you.


Should you buy womens razors with soap bars attached?

You will likely have noticed those with soap bars built-in to the razor head. These are tempting and can eliminate the step of having to apply shaving foam/cream/gel, saving time and space if you are travelling.

Keep in mind though, the soap bar means you can’t actually see where you’re shaving. Not being able to see your skin’s surface as you shave leaves the risk of accidentally irritating any sensitive patches, shaving at the wrong angle for your skin, missing patches of hair, and more.

You are basically going in blind and hoping for the best with these types of razors. Yes, they are quick and make your skin super soft, but is it worth sacrificing the quality of your shave?


What are some alternative womens razors?

If you are fed up of your current shaving routine and/or find your razor is causing irritation, why not try something different?

The English Shaving Company specialise in providing a wide range of the highest quality men’s and women’s electric and safety razors. Their double-edged safety razors are designed to look the part and provide impressive results. Instead of having multiple blades, these have one sharp blade to allow for plenty of precision and a flat surface to press the skin flat and avoid nicks. What’s more, they are completely eco-friendly! Rather than disposing of your entire razor after use, your blade can be reused many times and replaced easily and cheaply.


Can women use men’s razors?

Absolutely. Men’s razors perform just as well, if not better than womens razors. As they are made for the face as well as body, the blades tend to be sharper, which can provide us women with a closer shave and long-lasting results. If you’re considering heading to the men’s section for your razors, make sure you use shaving gel or foam to avoid dry skin from a close shave.

Plus, mens razors are a lot cheaper. Whilst male and female products get similar results, women’s are priced considerably higher, due to the outdated and unfair ‘pink tax’. Using mens razors is a great way to avoid the high prices, whilst benefiting from an improved shave too.







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