Tyre Care Tips for Summer

With the roads hotting up and summer finally being upon us, it’s easy to forget about the most important part of our cars and that is the tyres. Many car companies are this Summer, focusing on tyre care. Having tyres in good condition is vital to stay safe and avoid accidents and breakdowns. So here are a few tips that will help your vehicle keep running smoothly in the heat.

1) Check your tread on all tyres regularly. Every two weeks is recommended as a minimum.

2) Check the main tread grooves to ensure they are at the correct depth.

3) Tread depth can be checked using a simple gauge. The legal UK tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters and around the circumference. There are guides online showing how to do this. There is even a 20p test which by using a 20p coin you can check the depth, however a gauge is still the most accurate way.

4) It is recommended changing your tyre before it reaches the legal minimum tread depth in order to avoid a hefty fine and even points. The recommendation to change a tyre is when the depth reaches 3mm.

5) Do regular checks for cuts, tears, bumps, flat spots and swellings. These can be caused by potholes, bumps or general wear and tear. Badly damaged tyres are a big cause of accidents and breakdowns.

6) Check your tyre pressure. Tyre pressure gauges can be found at most garages. Different car models have differing pressures which can usually be found in the owners manual or on the car door. Tyre air pressure increases as the temperature goes up and decreases in colder weather. Over inflated tyres can and do blow up.

7) Don’t put repairs off – It is vital that your car is running at its best and especially so on longer journeys in the heat. Never put off tyre repairs until the next day. If you break down on the motorway, it can be very dangerous as well as frustrating. New tyres don’t always cost the earth and can save lives. You can buy tyres online in Brentwood for instance or surrounding areas & get them locally fitted at Elite tyres direct. Every town/city in the UK will have somewhere where you can get new tyres fitted. It’s usually a very quick job too.

8) If carrying more passengers your tyre pressure can change so make sure that you use the correct pressure for your journey and excess car weight.

9) Tread wear indicators which are found around the tyre tread main grooves also need regular checks. When the tread itself is worn to the same level as the indicators it means the tread is at the legal limit and the tyre needs replacing

10) Finally and often forgotten is the spare tyre. This also needs checking at regular intervals just in case of emergencies.

I hope these ten tips will help to keep your car tyres in spick and span condition so that your vehicle is always safe and roadworthy.

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