The Dream Pillow

Night times can be difficult when you’re a parent of a young child. Many children suffer nightmares or night terrors and many children have fears of the dark, being alone or some sort of monster.

There are many things that we as parents can do to help our little ones get a problem free and worry free sleep. There are many things that we can buy to help too and one of those is a new product called The dream pillow.

The dream pillow is not a magic device and doesn’t perform miracles. In fact it’s a very simple product consisting of an animal character pillow and a special notepad.

This pillow is Lamby. It’s soft and fluffy and very cuddly. Lovely for putting your head on or even just holding for a while. This is the sort of pillow that has a gap in the middle, the type that could fit onto your arm if that makes sense. This pillow doesn’t come with batteries or anything special. The only other thing you get with it is a special notepad in the shape of dream clouds.

Nightmares are thought to be caused by manifestation. A child’s thoughts and worries before bedtime can lead to bad dreams. By writing, visualising and drawing their hopes, aspirations and good dreams before going to bed, this can help to end the bad dreams. Children can write these down on the special pad and then put their dream note into the pillow whilst they sleep.

The pad comes with 60 notes for lots of good dreams and good sleeps. Izebella who also has occasional nightmares and always wants to go in my bed, now has her own Lamby dream pillow. She often puts the notes inside and it does make her feel a bit better about going to bed on her own.

These cost Β£19.99.

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  1. Christina Cavanagh
    July 10, 2020 / 12:50

    Great review. We got a Pinkie version for my daughter……wish we had got it sooner. Made such a difference the info that comes with it explains how to use the NHS non drug technique for treating nightmares (IRT) but is so easily explained! Pricelessx

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