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If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll probably already know just how much I like my strange little oddities and also how much I love surprises.

I came across occult box on you tube whilst watching a few other vloggers do unboxing videos and I immediately knew that I just had to get one for myself.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, occult box is not the same for everyone. It’s personalised to preferences which get completed when you sign up for one. You get asked a few questions on size, style, likes and dislikes. For instance I stated that I’m not a fan of fiction books and therefore I (hopefully) won’t be sent books.

Occult box includes many genres linked to what many call the darkside. It may include goth, skulls, pagan, witchcraft, vampires, skulls, zombies etc. The items can include clothing, make up, trinkets, stuff for the home, jewellery, bags, badges and much more. My first box cost me just Β£15.99 with subsequent boxes being Β£18.99. I think it’s really good value, the products in the box are certainly worth it.

To see what I got, watch my unboxing video below. If you’d like to try a box yourself then head over to https://www.occultmysterybox.co.uk.

As well as this monthly subscription box, they also offer many different one off boxes of different values.

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