Making the most of a smaller bathroom

Big bathrooms are a luxury. We all have this fascinating idea of a huge freestanding bath and roaring fire but sadly in most homes this just isn’t possible. Bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes and are often shared by all household occupants young and old. However having a small bathroom does not mean it needs to look cramped or confined. Below are a few space saving tips which don’t cost the earth to help create a bathroom that you will love.

1) Paint – Choosing the correct colours and style of paint on your walls can really help create an illusion of a bigger space. Using lighter colours always helps but so does painting half way up the wall with a darker shade on the bottom then lighter on top.

2) Wall mounting – If you’re lacking greatly in bathroom floor space then consider the option of wall mounted units for storing towels and bathroom items. Also if it suits your budget opt for wall mounted sink units and taps, thus freeing up more space on your floor.

3) Stacker storage or towel rails – If wall mounting isn’t a viable or affordable option then stacking storage units will help. Drawers and basket stackers are all useful for storing essential bath products and come very cheap too. Towel rails provide a perfect off floor solution for towels.

4) Shelves – Another cheap option for off the floor storage. Shelves come in many shapes and sizes and can even be custom made to size. Great for towels and bathroom bits. Shelves are easy to install yourself at home.

5) Over door or shower storage – Again a very simple and cheap solution requiring little or zero installation. Over door storage racks usually hang over the door and can provide many useful sections to store toiletries. Similarly shower storage or caddies fit over shower racks and make it convenient to access what you need whilst showering.

6) Mirror lighting – A bathroom mirror is usually a main focal point. After all almost everyone looks into it after using the bathroom don’t they? A large mirror by itself will add an illusion of more space to a room, however when combined with featured lighting it makes a huge difference and looks quite spectacular at night time too.

7) Tiles – Tiles are in all our bathrooms. The colour and arrangement can make all the difference when trying to maximise space. Tiles on the walls and bath side should be matching and light colours obviously work better. If it’s in your budget then mirrored tiles can look amazing and really help to make a statement. Tiled floors give an elaborate effect and should be matched with the same tiles as in the bath or shower.

8) Shower or bath? If you’re the type of person who can happily live without a bath then swap the bath for a shower and you will instantly gain meters of space back. If like me you love your bath a bit too much then consider a shower over bath combination. This way you get the best of both worlds without compromising your space too much.

9) Themed accessories – Accessories can do wonders for small spaces if correctly themed throughout. Large mirrors will greatly increase perception of space. Choose matching toilet brush holders with toothbrush pots, colour co-ordinate your towels. A splash of bright colours doesn’t just help with space but also makes us feel more happier.

10) Natural light – This obviously only works if your bathroom has a window of some sort, or if there is natural light shining in some how. Most bathroom windows come with glazed over glass meaning no one can see in. This reduces any need for blinds or curtains which block out natural light.

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