Advice for Parents – Getting ready for university

Getting the kids ready for university is such a bittersweet time. You will feel extremely proud of your child as they have achieved so much in just getting a place, anxious for them as they start their new life and sad for yourself at the thought of losing them. It’s important that you prepare both them and yourself for the big change that is about to come so that you can both handle it in a positive way. Have a look through our guide to getting ready for university to give yourself the best chance of coping.


1. Setting up a new home

Your child will need to make sure they have all the items they will need to run their own home. This includes basic cooking utensils, towels, blanket and computer equipment. Start a few months before and buy new things every week. That way you can spread the cost and get your child ready little by little. They will take comfort in seeing their pile growing over time.


2. Helpful things to take to university

You will also need to help your child gather all the paperwork they will need to have with them while at university. They will need all of their university acceptance documentation as well as their contract for their accommodation. They should also have all their banking documentation and student loan forms as well as their passport and driving license. You might also wish to encourage them to apply for a students railcard so that they can save money when they come home to see you. There is a post all about saving money with a railcard on my blog.


3. Dealing with empty nest syndrome

There is no getting around the fact that you will take getting used to the change difficult. Your home will feel empty and you will miss your child dearly. Make sure that you have plenty planned to keep you occupied during the first few months as you get used to your new living arrangements. Outing with friends or perhaps trying a new volunteering activity are good ideas. Alternatively, it could be time to focus on a new career for you. Maybe you could do an NVQ level 2 and start your journey into a new opportunity.


4. The Student Accommodation Code of Practice

Make sure that you have read and understood with your child exactly what is covered under the code of practice for their accommodation. You want them to be sure exactly what is expected of them but also what assistance they should expect from the university if they have any difficulties.


5. What The Code covers

The accommodation code of practice is designed to keep your child safe and ensure they are living in quality accommodation while they are at university. Developed by universities, it is intended to raise the standards of accommodation as well as advise students what their responsibilities are when it comes to maintaining where they live. It basically means that all properties undergo a thorough inspection and that students have somewhere to complain to if something is substandard.




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