6 Great Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

It’s your partners birthday coming up, and you don’t know what to get. We’ve all been there. There’s no great mystery to men, but somehow, buying them the present that they want can be a real test.

Here are a few simple suggestions for ways to treat the man in your life on his next birthday:

Give Him What He Really Wants

Chances are your significant other spends a lot of time gaming, and sometimes that gives you the space to go and spend time on yourself. If he’s a big gamer look into an Xbox live gold 12 months, cheapest subscription package. Let him catch up with his friends on Call of Duty while you and yours catch up with Jimmy Choo.

Fast Cars And Racing Tracks

If your partner likes putting his foot down and thinks he’s Lewis Hamilton then paying for some time driving his dream car around a track might be just up his street.

Experiences like this are great fun, and it’s definitely something that he will remember for a very long time to come.


The must-have boy-toy has to be the drone. They’re relatively inexpensive these days as technology moves on, and you can easily pick up a reasonably decent starter drone with a full HD camera, which streams video over to your smartphone, without breaking the bank.

It’ll probably take him a while to get the hang of it, so always look at any available spare parts, as well as additional batteries.


Cigars are a catch for those who want to surprise and impress their partner with an original gift. Every man will highly appreciate such a gift especially if he likes to smoke. There are various types of Cuban cigars to choose from for making an unforgettable present. Montecristo No4, Romeo y Julieta Churchills, Cohiba Marudo 5, and Trinidad Fundadores have found favor with cigar lovers. If your partner loves the smell of dark-tanned Maduro leaf then you should choose Cohiba Maduro 5 which provides a delightfully textured smoke. But for those who prefer more classic types, you can give Romeo y Julieta Churchills which offers most of what everybody loves about cigars – depth, complexity, and flourish.

Wine Making Kits

If your husband or boyfriend enjoys a glass or two of beer and wine, why not start him off on a hobby for life. Beer and wine making kits can be picked up easily, and once he’s got the equipment to get going, he can just try new ingredients to keep making new, different drinks.

Top tip: whatever he makes, let him try it first!

Gig Tickets

Why not treat him to tickets for one of his favorite bands? Live music can be exciting and a great night out for you both (assuming you like his taste in music). Have a look at Ticketmaster and see who is coming to your area.

You might want to make a break for it, why not book for a gig in another city and get a hotel and take a short trip together?

Something More Personal

You might want to get him something more personal, that has sentiment attached. Something that he can always have with him and remember you by. Look at getting him a beautiful watch. You could get a personal message inscribed on the back for that extra touch. Look for a well-crafted timepiece that he will want to wear on special occasions.

Whatever you buy him, take plenty of time to plan and get it right. If you need to drop hints to get ideas, give yourself plenty of time. Do this too close to the day, and it might be evident to him.

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