Updating your bathroom with wall panels

How long has it been since you decorated toys bathroom? Do you even remember? Perhaps your tiles are starting to look dirty, worn, cracked, grubby or just out of date and your bathroom feels like it needs a big renovation?

Well if that’s the case, then perhaps consider an easier solution to tiles and that is investing in Bathroom wall panels.

Wall panels are becoming very popular due to them being very easy to install. Unlike the tiresome and rather messy job of placing tiles, the panels simply slot into place and removes the need for the old grout buckets.

Wall panels have a PVC surface which also means they are easier to clean than tiles and they don’t allow mould to grow, whereas the small spaces in between tiles seems to be a big breeding ground for black mould.

The wall panels come in all sorts of striking colours and beautiful patterns. A bathroom can be instantly updated by swapping tiles for panels.

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