4 Mistakes That Ruin Your New Home Decor

Did you know that the average homeowner considers a change of decor at least once a year? Some homeowners want nothing more than changing the colour on the wall or experimenting with furniture placement. Others are planning a design revolution, through extensive home improvement works and brand new furniture and appliances. It doesn’t matter what you choose to change at home. Every year, you are going to change something, little or big, as a way of refreshing your interior. But, sometimes, the end result doesn’t give you the feeling of satisfaction you expected. Sometimes, even the most elegant decor feels wrong. Here are the four most common mistakes that homeowners make when they create their interior style.

You’ve accumulated too much

We live in a consumerist society, where having more has become a purpose in life. The truth is that we are, unfortunately, practically trained to want more. Even though the minimalist lifestyle has become a trend for modern-thinking homeowners, when was the last time you’ve stumbled across a minimalist ad on the TV? Everything you see or hear is designed to drive sales, so it’s almost inevitable to end up with your bookshelves filled with books, decorative items and other gadgets that you’ve bought or received over the year. Ultimately, unless you find suitable storage spaces to give your interior a breath of fresh air, your decor is likely to feel cramped and crowded. Clutter, as it happens, is hard to ignore!

You’ve forgotten to clean IN DEPTH

So, you’ve moved the table and the sofa around and gave your accent wall a fresh coat of paint. You consider your work done and brew yourself a cuppa before sitting down and relaxing. Not so fast! Roll up your sleeves and give your living room some cleaning attention. You can seize the opportunity to deodorise the carpet – especially the area that used to be hidden underneath your furniture. Besides, it’s a good idea to service your vacuum cleaner regularly – or change it for a better model.

You haven’t considered your colour scheme

How do most people choose the colour they want for their interior? Many homeowners pick the best choice they can find at the best price at their local B&Q or similar shop. But if you’re going to create something that feels homely and matches your style, you need to develop your colour palette. Your colour scheme is basically a combination of the elements that are already in place and your preferences. There is one keyword to remember: Sample everything.

You’ve accidentally turned your home in a show house

Even when you’ve done everything right and designed a beautiful and welcoming space, it can still lack a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Indeed, many attractive decors that should be part of a stylish home magazine can feel unreal and distant. This can happen when you’ve skipped personal touches to create a space that has all of your favourite colours and materials but none of your favourite memories.

Your home decor sets the mood. It is an extension of your personality; every choice you make reflects on your style and tastes. But, at the heart of it, your decor is your home, and you need to make it feel personal, homely, and safe as a priority.

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